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Are You Really Keeping Your Customers In Mind?

When most people start an online business, they have one thing in mind – to make money.

In fact, some unethical people will stop at nothing (even if it means screwing up their customer’s life) to make as much money as possible.

But this “let’s make money” mindset is the biggest mistake newbies make, and is often the reason why they fail to make any money for many years…

… Because their focus is on their desires and how they can make money, NOT on how they can help the customer solve their problem.

Or in other words, if you’re currently struggling to make any money, you may be focusing too much on yourself, and not enough on the wants of your customers.

Let me explain…

In any industry, your business exists solely to provide a solution to your customers.

If you give them that solution (for a price), you earn money.

That’s how a business works.

But many people in this industry set up their website(s) in a specific topic because they want to, and the content is all about what they want – without even thinking if it’s actually what the CUSTOMER wants.

Here’s a great example…

I was chatting to a guy a few months ago who had yet to make his first $100 online for over 2 years.

I asked him what he’d been implementing since he started, and he sent me a link to his website.

He called it an “information hub”, and it was a website containing e-books, articles, videos, and just about everything you can think of, for every niche under the sun.

… On one website.

And better still, he said it still wasn’t finished! After 2 years!

When I asked him how his customers reacted to the website, he said he hadn’t done any proper research and hadn’t started to drive traffic to it yet.

In other words, he presumed that a customer interested in Internet Marketing would also be interested in weight loss, golfing, building muscle, flower arranging, dog training, knitting, gardening, and so on.

He didn’t have a clue if this was actually what the customer wanted.

(And his lack of earnings showed it)

The moral of this example is this…

If you want to set up a website for your own interests, that’s a hobby – not a business.

You’ll struggle make any money from it.

Instead, you should do your research to find exactly what the customer wants, and give it to them.

It’s that simple.

Find out what the customer wants, and give it to them.

Just spend 60 minutes browsing a popular forum in your niche, and write down 3 things which people frequently have questions about, or have problems with.

Then dedicate your online business to solving those problems through information products (yes, even as an affiliate) or services.

And I’ve already said this once, but I’ll say it again…

The way you make money in any business is to always be focused on (and appealing to) the needs and wants of the customer.

Read it again. Understand it. Write it down. Think it over. Make a plaque of it. Burn it into your brain.

The way you make money in any business is to always be focused on (and appealing to) the needs and wants of the customer.

Because that’s exactly how a successful business is made.

So right now, think to yourself…

Are you running your business for your customer? Or yourself?

Is what you’re offering actually what the customer wants?

Or is it purely based on your OWN wants and desires?

If the answer is a negative one and you need to re-focus, do some research as outlined above, and you’ll be sure to get much better results.

I can guarantee this shift in mindset will skyrocket your income online – but only if you take action on it.

Talk soon!
- James Francis.

P.S. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below 🙂

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