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Just Do It!

Yesterday, I launched my latest product – Done For You Commissions

I had over 330+ new affiliates (and rising) on board to promote the offer, with plenty of them sticking to their word and mailing out.

However, when I was planning this launch, I had great aspirations for this to be my first $100,000 launch – something that less than 10% of launches actually achieve nowadays.

But the truth is, although it’s still early days, so far it hasn’t reached that figure – which is strange, because…

  • The conversions were tested and very high
  • The right affiliates were on board
  • The product was changing people’s lives for the better

All the signals were there – it just hasn’t happened yet.

From my data and experience, the reason for this is simple – not all affiliates have the close relationship with their list to successfully sell a $497 product.

(At that price point, it’s not just a matter of blasting offers to your list and hoping for the best – it requires good, solid marketing.)

Instead, I should have stuck to launching a lower-priced product to attract the masses, and had this more expensive offer as an upsell or back-end offer.

… Learn from that!

Now, me and my affiliates still made a bunch of money so I’m not complaining, but I’d like to illustrate an important point here…

Even though you may be sitting reading this blog post with all the steps ready in front of you, gained from purchasing training programs, systems or mentoring programs – or even just some free information you’ve found, it’s easy to be overcome with fear and not actually do anything with it.

The idea of a six figure launch was scary for me and was out of my comfort zone, but I took action and gave it a damn good try, all the way through to the end.

I could have just sat there thinking about launching it, but never actually doing it – but I’d have been in exactly the same place now as I was 3 months ago.

The reason why people don’t succeed isn’t because of the lack of correct guidance, as there’s a ton of it out there.

The reason why people don’t succeed (with anything in life) is because they don’t take action and follow instructions exactly as outlined, all the way through to the end.

Don’t be one of those people.

Sure – there are bad products out there, but they only account for less than 1% of the products on the market right now.

If you choose a product which provides positive testimonials and case studies on the sales page, the product will work if you implement it correctly.

The fact is, you always need to try implementing things – whether it’s a tried and proven method you’ve picked up from someone else, or a strategy you’ve thought of yourself – and follow it through to the very end.

When you do this, there will only be two possible outcomes:

  1. If it works, you’ve found a winner. Just duplicate what you’ve done over and over, on a bigger scale.
  2. If it doesn’t work, you’ve gained valuable experience and data to steer yourself back in the right direction.

But if you don’t try at all and just sit on your behind hoping for the next magic button, you’ll never get anywhere.

Those are the people who spend thousands of dollars on information products, never follow them through to the end, and complain they haven’t made their first dollar online yet.

Again, don’t be one of those people – you’re better than that.

Implement what you know, take action on proven information exactly as outlined, and follow everything you do through to the end.

That’s how you become successful online.

Just do it!

Good luck,
- James Francis.

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