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Is List Building Really That Important?

You’ve probably heard the phase “the money is in the list” before – and probably more than once!

It still amazes me how some people – even affiliate marketers – try to succeed online without a list of subscribers, or even think of it as “optional”.

Consider something for a few seconds…

How did you reach this blog post?

Most likely, it was from opening an email of mine, reading it, and clicking the link to get here.

Now imagine the hundreds of other views this blog post has gained since you started reading it.

That is the power of list building, right there.

And if you think to yourself, how many successful marketers do you know without a list? (Answer: Usually, none!)

If I didn’t have a list, I’d be at mercy to the whims of Google, or any other traffic sources.

But because I do have a list, I can create high-quality, responsive traffic on demand.

If I need to show a great new product to my subscribers and customers, I write a quick email promoting it, and hit send. Before I know it, I usually have sales hitting my account within 5-10 minutes.

That’s why I’m usually one of the top affiliates for most (small-medium sized) launches in this industry.

If I need to help people with a specific problem (or teach people something new) on my blog, I write a quick email telling my subscribers and customers what it’s my new tutorial is all about, and I have literally hundreds of people reading it within a few minutes.

That’s why I’m seen as one of the authority figures in my industry.

My list of loyal subscribers has literally made me what I am today.

In other words, without my list of subscribers and customers, I’d still be stuck at square one.

So now the big question is…

Why don’t most beginners have an email list of subscribers?

Most of the time, it’s because beginners use the excuse of “I don’t have a list”, over and over, without even spending 5-10 minutes researching HOW to build a list – ultimately being stuck in the same routine.

If that sounds like you – and be honest with yourself here – you need to break that cycle and start discovering exactly how to start building your own list of subscribers.

And really, it’s pretty easy to do…

Step #1 – Get an email autoresponder account, such as AWeber (Total cost: $1 trial).

Step #2 – Create a product to give away in exchange for your audience joining your list. Alternatively, you can gain the rights to someone else’s product, and use that instead.

Step #3 – Set up a squeeze page promoting your free gift. There are plenty of free squeeze pages out there, and even fully-functional WordPress themes and plugins which do all the technical work for you.

Step #4 – Send traffic to your squeeze page. I’ve covered many effective traffic strategies elsewhere on my blog and within my coaching program.

… That’s it!

Plus, you only have to do steps one, two and three ONCE. Then it’s just a matter of keeping the traffic flowing and improving your opt-in rate (if you know how).

When I first started out, I made the crucial mistake of not building my list right away – and my terrible level of income really showed it!

Don’t make the same mistake. Get started now 🙂

Talk soon!
- James Francis.

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