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(Exclusively for new Prosperity Formula members)

Dear friend,

Congratulations on getting The Prosperity Formula.

You made a wise decision.

It tells me you’re smart and ambitious.

... that you take your online success seriously.

If you want to ACCELERATE your progress...

Which I know most Prosperity Formula clients do.

... If you want to make your path to success as SIMPLE and FAST as possible...

I have created 5 ‘done for you’ PROVEN SALES funnels to get the money rolling in for you ASAP.

Here's What It's All About...

A life a freedom and real financial independence is just one successful sales funnel away.

When you have a PROVEN, profitable sales funnel, it’s like having your very own ATM machine... Where you put in, say, $1 at the front end and take out $5 on the other side.

Once you have your sales funnel working right, you can literally write your own pay check.

It’s a beautiful thing. A simple process to prosperity.

The only trouble is...

Creating A Profitable Sales Funnel By Yourself Is Time Consuming And Difficult

You have to shell out for product creation, graphics, design, and sales copy.

And after all that... You sit there and hope (and pray) it works.

And guess what...

Most of the time it doesn’t work first time. A funnel needs to be tested and tweaked.

It can be a damn frustrating, time consuming experience - creating successful sales funnels.

In fact...

Most Sales Funnels Fall Flat On Their Face First Time

That’s because most people do not have the $5000 and more it takes to make a sales funnel profitable.

It takes this kind of cash and hours and days and months of constant testing to get a sales funnel working for you.

My students don’t have this time or cash to get their sales funnels working.

So they asked for help and I answered.

I created 5 highly profitable sales funnels for you to...

Plug-In And Profit Immediately

As a special Prosperity Formula customer...

You’re getting 5 high quality, UNIQUE sales funnels, custom made for you, and branded with your name, building your list and making you money 24/7/365 today.

They were all created by me for my valued customers only, and have been getting some great results.

I call my 5 sales funnels...

Here’s proof of how profitable these funnels are...

And here's another sales funnel at work...

And the results just keep pouring in.

All you need to do is copy and paste your proven funnels onto your own website and you'll be seeing real results instantly.

Here’s What You Get Inside Instant Profit Funnels

With Instant Profit Funnels, you’re going to receive...

Component #1

Killer Squeeze Pages

5 squeeze pages written by a professional, #1 Clickbank copywriter.

(I shelled out thousands on this part, so you don’t have to.)

Each one of these squeeze pages has been tried and tested to convert at least 40% of your visitors into loyal subscribers, so building your list can not be any easier.

Component #2

Profitable Affiliate Offers

5 custom one-time-offer products and sales pages that coincide perfectly with your squeeze page.

This is exactly how you'll make cash WHILE building your list, on total auto-pilot.

Component #3

Winning Welcome Emails

5 done-for-you welcome e-mails that you'll automatically send to your new list subscribers. Believe it or not, a lot of beginners botch the welcome e-mail, which is the crucial "first impression" you give to your new subscriber.

By having these welcome e-mails already taken care of for you, you’re subscriber will be chomping at the bit to hear from you again.

Component #4

HOT Follow-Up Emails

A series of engaging and unique follow up e-mails for each of your new sales funnels. You'll be guaranteed NOT to make the huge mistake of letting new subscribers "cool off" and forget about you.

You'll have a series of e-mails ready to go, ready to keep your list happy and keep your commission account growing... and it's as easy as “copy, paste”!

Component #5

Authority Content

5 unique products that are in high demand, which you’ll have full rights to give away in order to build trust with your new subscriber list (think high quality e-books, video training courses, and more!)

No longer will you have an audience who ignores everything you say to them. After seeing these pieces of authority content, they'll finally respect you and become hyper responsive to your promotions and messages.

5 Sales Funnels In 5 Red Hot Proven Niches Online...

Going into the wrong niche, is a major cause for failure online.

These proven sales funnels you are getting-are in niches that have already PROVEN themselves to be profitable including...

Simply choose the niche that appeals the most to you.

All The Hard Work Has Been Done For You...

I spent 5 months creating and testing these lucrative funnels.

I spent over $18k in traffic costs-testing them to make sure they are profitable.

Now they are ready for YOU to cash in on and get reliable, consistent income with practically no work.

Each email you send out is poised to make sales for you WITHOUT you even having to think about what you want to say.

Although I was hoping you could add in some text about how easy it is to set up and edit the funnel pages using the drag and drop editor we have?

Technically Challenged? No Problem!

The simple drag and drop editor makes it really simple to make alterations and changes to the funnels to get them up and running for you in no time at all.

As long as you can point, click, drag, and drop...you are all set!

It’s Super Easy To Get Cash Coming In From These Sales Funnels

Everything is already set up FOR you.

It’s literally a matter of pasting your Clickbank ID in some places, and pasting your affiliate links in others...

It CANNOT get any easier than this. With your new high quality products, your list will be hot to respond to every e-mail you send...

Here’s What You Can Look Forward To...

Once you have these funnels set up on your website.

... which takes just minutes...

... You can look forward to seeing sales coming in daily from the traffic you send into the funnel. All the guess work will be gone because someone (yours truly) has gone to the trouble of doing all the hard work for you.

You will have control over your income by using proven profitable funnels.

Friends and family will scratch their heads in amazement, wondering how you are making money so fast.

You’ll go to bed at night knowing your traffic is going into tried and tested funnels and creating financial security for you and yours while you sleep.

You can use the money to treat yourself to meals out, holidays or new clothes... or you can reinvest your cash and focus on building up your revenue even further.

It really is as simple as that.

Here’s Exactly What’s Included...

The total value of each sales funnel is $3,685.

Here’s the breakdown...

Yours For Just = $37

That’s 5 done-for-YOU sales funnels for a shockingly low $7.40 each!

I know this discount is so huge there is no way I'll see it again, so I'm getting in right now, risk free!

60 Day, Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

I personally guarantee you will be absolutely delighted with Instant Profit Funnels. I invite you to ‘test drive’ these funnels for the next 60 days.

If you are not absolutely thrilled with these funnels, eager to keep using them, and you can’t see yourself making the profits you thought you would, you can change your ‘maybe’ to an emphatic ‘NO’ and get a FULL 100% refund of your tiny investment.

No one will ask you any questions. No Hassle. No ‘fine print’. Simple and Straight forward; you are 100% delighted with what you will get from these funnels, or I want you to ask for a full refund.

If YOU Want To Get In On This RARE Opportunity , YOU Need To Act Now!

To get access to these profitable sales funnels, you must click the instant access button below right now.

You will not see this opportunity again.

This offer is void if you come back to this page.

I urge you to act on this opportunity today, right now while it’s fresh in your mind.

Don’t Go It Alone...

Sure you could out there and create your own funnel.

We both know that... But why risk failure, losing your hard earned money... and wasting your time though? Why risk this online business not working out and worse yet-being stuck (or going back to) your day job?

And explaining to others why it didn’t work out? (when you know these funnels would have made success much easier and faster for you)

Why bother?

Why spend thousands of dollars, and weeks of your time creating something that is sitting in front of you right now. This opportunity is ripe for the taking. I know you’re smart. I know you’ll take advantage of this high value offer right now.

Hit the button below and let’s get started.

You Know It Makes Sense

You and I both know the fastest way to success is to model the tools of those who are already where you want to be.

A pre-made sales funnel, which has already been tested is the perfect model to follow.

It’s the perfect tool to jumpstart your online income.

It’s also going to save you a tonne of time and effort.

Hit the button below right now and let’s get started.

You owe it to yourself and any people you support to maximize your chances of success.

See you inside,

James Francis.
Founder & CEO, Digital Prosperity.

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