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Improve Your Sales With A Better Sales Angle

With the industry getting more and more popular on a daily basis, there is no shortage of information products available which teach people how to fix their problems and achieve their goals.

Traffic generation, sales funnels, SEO, affiliate marketing, list building, mindset, website flipping, making sales on Amazon, outsourcing, product creation, wordpress, productivity, video marketing, and it just goes on!

You name it – there’ll be a course or software available for it.

The sad truth is, however, that many of these products go unnoticed and make very few sales for one important reason – because they’re “me too” products. Same angle, same format.

They have nothing special about them which differentiates them from all the other products out there, so the customer is left with a wide choice of products to buy – meaning they’ll usually go for the cheapest on offer (or another product which puts into action the guidance in this tutorial).

However, there is a proven way to stop this from happening to your products, which allows you to sell products with ease at whatever price you choose…

In order to create a product which sells well nowadays, you MUST have a good sales “angle”, or “hook”.

This “hook” is a way of positioning the offer in a different way, so it stands above all the other “me too” products in the marketplace.

It must be appealing to people, benefit-orientated, results-driven, and show things as being as quick and easy as possible (as nobody likes to work hard at something they don’t understand!)

For example…

Bad Angle: “How to optimize your website for search engines”
Good Angle: “How to receive hordes of targeted traffic from Google to your website in 48 hours or less”

… Do you see how that’s much more appealing, even though it’s the exact same product?

Here’s another one…

Bad Angle: “How to use Facebook effectively”
Good Angle: “How to become the most popular go-to guy in your industry using 3 simple Facebook tricks”

… Again – do you see how much more descriptive, specific, benefit-orientated and appealing that is?

The sales angle of a product (or any content) will go everywhere – including your advertising, your sales page, your product’s summary, and your explanation of it to clients – and a good hook will always increase your results, so it’s extremely important you focus on it before you do anything else.

Having a best-selling product is always down to the marketing and having a good hook or angle, and it’s not something can brush off as another “tip” or “trick”. Get it done!

You may find it a little more difficult to create these appealing hooks (or “angles”) the first few times you try, but through practice, it’s easy to become very skilled at it – and your creativity is the only limit.

So next time you create a new product or any type of content, be sure to ask yourself, “is this really different to everything else out there, and actually appealing to the desires of my customers?”.

Then if you find yourself lacking a good angle, put this advice into action! 🙂

Good luck!
- James Francis.

P.S. Any comments or questions? Please leave a comment below, as I always read and reply to all of them.

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