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I'm Moving To San Diego!

While living in Mexico City has been amazing, it's time to move on. In this new video I explain why, and also explore whether San Diego is truly the best place to live for an online business owner. Watch it below!

Comment below with your thoughts!

Speak soon,
- James Francis.
Founder & CEO, Digital Prosperity.

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18 Responses

  1. James, I think it is Awesome that you will be moving to the States. Opposite coast of me tho. You will be on the warmer, better weather side. LOL

  2. WOW I loved the free tour, and San Diego is a really beautiful place indeed, I would love to live there myself, but for me it is not possible. I am presently 81 Years old, healthy thank God, but I have "Church" commitments here, which means I can't move.

    Although I emigrated myself from Northern Ireland in 1981, I guess that is 38 years ago! My time flies! I did not have any trouble emigrating, of course, I guess it perhaps that was because I was bringing about $200 K into Canada. But here is the sad bit, I bought a Residential Mobile Home park, and a Gas Bar, and made good money for 10 years, which unfortunately went down after 10 years, because of a Government decision to move the main industry 3,000 across Canada. It was a Military Training Base, leaving the area Totally DEAD, so I lost the entire thing at 57 years of age. So that is why now I was looking for something to put bread on the Table! I have been "nicking and diming since, BROKE!"

    And this is why, I am excited with your first offer which I already paid you for. Amazing! then of course I thought I could maybe manage the up-sell too at $37, but that is all I can do till the cash starts rolling in.

    Jim McKinley

  3. Great video, James! Glad to know that you and your beautiful fiancee, Michelle, are moving forward with your plans to move to the USA! And what's one little year out of your lives--LOL?! At my age, that whooshes by in a blip!
    Thanks for the inspiration. Best wishes with it all!
    Mary Beth Spann Mank

  4. Well done James, Crossing the Pond to move to San Diego. Used to live right up the road in Newport Beach, and San Diego was a perfect day-trip for us. The weather is amazing in SoCal, gonna love it.

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