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The Verdict - Hunt For The Best Sales Funnel Creation Software

After reviewing 4 different software solutions to create professional and results-getting web pages for your sales funnel, which one is best?

Find out by clicking the play button below...

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See you soon!
- James Francis.

P.S. Missed the first four videos? No worries! Feel free to watch the first video here, watch the second video here, watch the third video here, and watch the fourth video here.

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7 Responses

  1. Great review James, i agree with your assessment,i never tried leadpages but i used optimizepress,clickfunnels and instapage,i like Rusell Brunson and i think he is a top marker but i think clickfunnel it is not for beginners,it is for marketers who know what they are doing and had some success before.for newbies i will recommend optimizepress

  2. Several people pointed out to me that ClickFunnels saved them between 500 and 1000 per month because of all the subscriptions they could cancel because of everything that's included - what are your thoughts in that regard?

    1. Good point Matt! I hadn't actually thought about that, but I can see how it would drop your monthly fees in that way.

      Personally I'd rather keep my split testing software (VWO) due to it tracking multiple goals outside of the ClickFunnels software, and in my opinion there's no substitution for a good autoresponder such as AWeber or Infusionsoft, due to the high email deliverability and extra features those services have.

      But it would be a good way for a beginner to get started on a small budget due to only needing one subscription instead of several different services, yeah.

  3. Hi James,

    Great video James. I think clickfunnels is a great tool but out of my budget right now. Would you recommend optimizepress or leadpages to start and as I start to get profitable then go with clickfunnels.

      1. Hi James, I haven't used LeadPages yet and was wondering why you thought they were not too great for long sales pages if you are anything but an affiliate. Are they not optimized that well? or do they take a big cut from your sale?

        Apologies if it has been answered in a previous post, I'm reading through them now, will you be putting up a new Day In The Life Of.... on Youtube next year? I saw the last one a few days ago - it was good and I'm stunned to silence with your car, well done.

        1. Hey Karl, I hope you had a great Christmas / festive period, and great question! LeadPages isn't that great when it comes to flexibility of the web page layout itself. This is GREAT for making sure your landing pages convert, as it's tough to mess them up... BUT it's pretty bad for sales pages, because it means you're limited to just using text, one placement of the "add to cart" button, and it's just very limited when it comes to making the page interesting.

          Also, I don't have any plans to record another "day in the life of" video in 2016, as my life doesn't really change that much, haha! But if the demand is great enough, I may do another one, yeah 🙂

          Have a great weekend!
          - James.

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