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How To Work Less And Earn More

Right now, you’re probably working a lot of hours trying to make money online.

Or even if you are making some cash online, I’m guessing you’d be interested in working less and making even more money, right…?

Who doesn’t!

In fact, most people getting started with Internet Marketing spend more hours working on this stuff, compared to if they had a 9-5 day job.

… And I don’t know about you, but the thought of that really sucks.

After all, isn’t the idea of financial freedom and the “Internet Marketing Lifestyle” what really got you interested in the first place?

However, just lately I’ve been scaling my business quite rapidly, using one simple technique…


If you’re not aware of what outsourcing is, it’s basically hiring someone else to do certain tasks in your business FOR you.

Don’t know how to set up a WordPress blog? Get someone else to do it for you!

Don’t know how to get your website onto page #1 of Google? Get someone else do it for you!

Just too plain lazy to do anything, and want to take a vacation for 6 months (like me!)?

… Get someone else to do everything for you!

There are a lot of talented people out there, just waiting to work with you.

Not only that, but because they’re the expert in what they do, they’ll usually do a much better job than you could ever do yourself.

After just a few months of getting this right, I can safely say -

  • No, it’s not difficult
  • No, it’s not expensive
  • No, it’s not stressful

In fact, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

And here’s how I did it in 5 easy steps…

Step #1 – Find A Freelancing Website

A good freelancing website will not only support the employee (the person you’re hiring), but also the employer (that’s you!)

I personally use, but other great alternatives include, and

The thing I love about is you can actually watch what your employee is doing, through their “work diary”.

Here’s an example of what it looks like…

This means you’ll never get screwed over by employees wasting unnecessary time, because you can see exactly what they’re doing (and if they’re working as they should be!)

Step #2 – Post A Job

The next step is the easy part…

Just post a job, asking people if they’d like to do what you need doing.

It doesn’t have to be a small novel – just outline the basics.

Here’s a simple format I used for mine…

  1. Briefly introduce yourself
  2. Say your company is expanding and you’re looking for new dedicated team members
  3. Describe what you need doing, e.g. “I just need a self-hosted WordPress blog installed on my domain”, or “I need a batch of 10 unique, keyword-rich articles written for me daily, about the topic of Internet Marketing”.
  4. Ask them to show you their past experience in their application, e.g. “In your application, please show examples of your past projects and what you’ve achieved”.
  5. Sign off like usual, e.g. “Talk soon! – James.”

… That’s it!

Within 48 hours, I had 71 applicants to choose from…

Not a bad selection to choose from, right?

Step #3 – Choose Your Perfect Employee

This is possibly the most difficult part of the experience, especially if you have a lot of people to choose from.

Rule out the people who have any kind of negative feedback (all freelancing websites will show you this in their profile).

I only communicate with people with a feedback score of above 4.5 (out of 5).

Also, their English must be pretty good.

If they can’t understand what you’re trying to tell them, they’re worthless to you – no matter how little money they’re asking for.

Remember, the cheapest isn’t always the best. I’m a firm believer in the phrase, “you get what you pay for”.

Go through the remaining candidates and look at the examples of their past work.

The rest is up to you! 🙂

Step #4 – Tell Them What You Need Them To Do

Once you’ve settled on your perfect team member, hire them through the website you posted your job at (so you can track their progress).

Then all you need to do is give them the details they need, and any ideas you have about the work you need them to do.

Step #5 – Sit Back & Relax!

It’s literally that simple.

Post a job –> Wait about 48 hours for people to apply –> Communicate with the applicants –> Choose your perfect worker!

From then on, you’ll free up a whole bunch of your time, and things will be done to a much higher standard, as they’re the expert in what they do.

So don’t be afraid to make the “leap of faith” into letting other people do the work for you, because the best results usually come when you step outside of your comfort zone 😀

Talk soon!
- James.

P.S. Do you have any sticking points in your business, and wonder if they can be outsourced?

Have you ever considered hiring someone else? Or do you already have someone?

Leave a comment below! 🙂

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