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How To Use Feedback To Multiply Your Results

- James Francis.

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5 Responses

  1. Hi James
    The information in your video was very honest and I do appreciate what you have said with myself at the moment money is really tight I am out of work with back problems and feel very frustrated with my life I know I want to have a online business of my own but feel stuck at the moment to be honest with you I know it might sound a little negative but I shall have £1000 to invest in a online business of my own at the end of March if at that time James you feel you could help me to get up and earning some money from my own online business I would be very grateful !!!!! Thanks Chris

  2. Thanks for this James. I did send a reply to your survey and it felt good to be asked.

    For me it was the timing but what I didn't write in the survey was that without a replay I cant sign up because my life changes frequently.

    May I ask why you don't choose to send out replays?

    I notice that some people do and some people don't..

    Thanks Mary

    1. No worries Mary! I choose not to send out replays for a few reasons:

      1) Most people don't watch them all the way through because they get bored and can "watch it later" (which they often forget about), or even watch them at all! Usually the link just gets saved to the desktop and never watched. This impacts the prospect because they miss out some very importance advice by not watching it, and it impacts our results as a business owner. So it's a lose/lose for both parties.

      2) If people DO end up watching it, it's not the same "feeling" as a live webinar environment, so the engagement and conversions are often a lot lower.

      Instead, I prefer to do an "encore" of the webinar, just so people get that same live feeling, so the engagement and results are the same as the original live environment.

      Have a great day!
      - James.

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