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How To Succeed Every Single Time

When most people get started with information marketing, they often take forever to get results for a few reasons – but the main reason is…

They don’t have a working system in place.

Everything has a process.

When you walk to the grocery store in the morning, you start in your house, walk (or drive) down the road, maybe make a few stops on the way, then arrive at the grocery store.

You don’t just start at “Point A” (your house) and suddenly appear at “Point B” (the grocery store).

You always have several points between your beginning and end destination.

… And it’s exactly the same with an online business.

Although your main task is to sell the product to people who want it (that’s business 101, and applies online too!), you need to set up a system – or process – to get from A to B.

Now here’s where things get interesting (and a possible “Aha!” moment for you)…

Usually, most people don’t fail to get results because an entire system is at fault.

It’s actually often because one or two parts of that system has a “bottleneck”, stopping you from achieving your goals.

It’s your job as the business owner to find and fix these bottlenecks on a constant basis – and your results will flow instantly.

Think of it like a river. If you put a dam in the middle of the river, you aren’t going to get any water at the other side. Whereas if you remove that dam, you’ll suddenly get a rushing flow of water to reach the end destination.

So for example…

If you’ve set up a website and it’s not making any money, there are two points needed to successfully sell the product to the customer…

  1. Traffic
  2. Conversions

So therefore, you should ask yourself…

  1. Is my website actually getting traffic?
  2. Are my affiliate offers actually selling well / converting?

… Which will bring about two scenarios:

Scenario A – Your website could not be getting any traffic, meaning nobody is even seeing the offers which you’re promoting. Set up and check your Google Analytics account to see if this is the case. In this scenario, you should concentrate on getting more traffic.

Scenario B – Your website could be getting traffic, but the affiliate products you’re promoting just don’t convert. Maybe their copy isn’t professionally written, maybe their sales page has coding errors on it, or maybe it’s just not something the prospects wants. Check your affiliate statistics to find the amount of clicks you’ve sent to the offer. Providing you have good quality traffic (i.e. they know they’re clicking on a link to a sales page), if you’ve sent three times as many clicks as what the product costs to buy, it’s safe to say it doesn’t convert. In this case, you should instead promote a different affiliate offer which is proven to convert (look for an EPC of $1 on the offer’s affiliate invite page).

… And the best thing is, this problem-solving process can be applied to anything in your online business.

Let’s say you’ve done your research and created an information product based on what the market wants, then you’ve started to market the product/service – but you’re only seeing a few sales.

DON’T abandon the project altogether just because it’s not turning out as you originally hoped.

(Heck, hardly anything ever works out well on the first time round)

Instead, think logically about it – void of all emotion – and analyze your system for bottlenecks.

You did your research, so you know the customers want the product.

But when you take a closer look at your system, it seems only 20% of people are opting into your squeeze page – meaning 80% of your traffic isn’t even seeing your product on the other side!

From this data, you know you need to tweak your squeeze page to double your opt-in rate (easily done – just model what already works), which means you’ll double the amount of people seeing your offer, which will usually double your sales instantly.

(Or alternatively, just send your traffic straight to your offer, completely cutting out your bottleneck altogether)

… Do you see how this problem solving attitude is a much better (and more profitable) approach than trying new projects on a weekly basis, only to abandon them at first sight of getting little to no results?

All systems have bottlenecks in their initial stages – and it’s your job to find and fix them. Then, the results will flow naturally.

Follow this guidance, and I can guarantee it’ll make a massive change in your business – and your life.

Talk soon!
- James Francis.

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