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How To Reach Your Audience In Multiple Channels

You may have noticed that I haven't been updating my blog very often lately - and that's for two main reasons:

1) I was providing free content in another private “free training” area for my recent
Six Figure Shortcut pre-launch, and…

2) I’ve been communicating with my audience in other “channels”, instead.

Reason #1 is just something awesome that happens every so often anyway (to build trust with your audience and generate anticipation), but reason #2 is something I wish I’d have started years ago.

If you’ve been living under a rock lately, I’ve been using Facebook to connect with my subscribers, customers and affiliates to create a better bond with them.

I started by creating a Facebook group to build rapport with my audience, giving them valuable free advice every day, with some days including a soft sell for one of my products.

Then, when I started to focus more on generating traffic from Facebook Ads, I quickly discovered that a Facebook Page was more influential to the paid advertising side of things (as Facebook Ads can boost your Page’s audience as a side-effect, plus you can target ads to your Page’s members, too) - so I focused more on that.

Now here’s what most people do when they set up a Facebook Page…

Step #1 – Create the page with a name of the current marketing campaign they have going on.

Step #2 – Invite everyone they possibly can to either like their page (many of whom leave immediately because they didn’t give consent to be added).

Step #3 – Spam the crap out of their fans with a different promotion every day, not bothering to deliver any value whatsoever.

… And that’s the stage when they wonder why they aren’t getting any decent results and all of their audience hates them.

Whereas here’s what I’ve been doing…

Step #1 – I created the page with a name suitable for the long-term, i.e. “James Francis” (my page). This means I’ll never need to go through the hassle of getting my name changed (which can take weeks), and it builds my brand in the best way possible.

Step #2 – I sent a few email broadcasts to my existing audience promoting my Facebook Page, politely asking them to "like" the page if they’d like to receive some additional great content from me. Also, I added a short paragraph about it into the welcome email of all my follow-up sequences, along with some social “like” buttons for my Facebook page at the top of my blog. This integration is key to building your Facebook audience on autopilot.

Step #3 – I posted great quality content every day (only up to 200 words or so per day) to the fans of my Facebook page, to build trust with my audience and cement my status as an “authority figure”.

So how has this affected my results?

After spending 2-3 weeks providing valuable advice and a few soft-sells to my Facebook page, I decided to do a pre-launch for my new product, The Six Figure Shortcut.

I used email broadcasts (like normal) and Facebook posts for this, but even though I only got a very small amount of additional traffic from my Facebook posts, my overall conversions were 3-4 times higher than before.

This shocked me beyond belief, so a week later, I decided to run another test to check that something weird wasn’t going on.

Yet again, my conversions were three times higher than before.

And yes – that means I made three to four times more money just by connecting with my audience via Facebook and providing value to them on a consistent basis.

Now the reason for this wasn’t the small increase in traffic from Facebook. It was because I was communicating with my audience in multiple channels – i.e. email and Facebook.

So if you haven’t “clicked” onto this concept yet, here’s how it affects YOU…

Don’t just be a faceless marketer like all the other guys who spam their audience with the next piece of “breakthrough” software on a daily basis.

You’ll get much better results – in the short-term, and more importantly, the long-term – if you create a Facebook Page (in your name), persuade your audience to join it, then build a relationship with them by asking what their problems are and delivering valuable guidance to solve those problems – mixing in soft-sells here and there for high quality offers which can actually help them.

Obviously the larger existing audience you have, the easier this will be and the better results you’ll get. But anyone can do this – even if you’re just starting out.

Plus, the best thing about this is that you’ll feel better than ever about your online business, because it’ll be focused on actually helping people – not constantly worrying about making the next quick buck.

Try it for 2 weeks as I’ve described above, then tell me it doesn’t work 😉

Good luck!
- James Francis.

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