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How To Make Your One-Time Offer Convert

Just lately, I’ve had a lot of strategy calls with my customers and potential coaching clients to help them grow their online businesses…

One of the biggest problems that pretty much everyone was having was their one-time offer (“OTO”) simply wasn’t making any sales.

To take a few steps back here, the One-Time Offer (“OTO”) is the paid offer shown immediately after your prospects opt-in and join your email list, via your squeeze page.

In other words, they enter their email address on your squeeze page, and are redirected to a related paid offer of your choice.

This allows you to break even (and sometimes make a profit) on any advertising costs (e.g. solo ads), essentially allowing you to build your email list for free – with the profit being made in the back-end of your sales funnel.

However, from my experience, there are some important points you MUST follow to make this a reality…

Step #1 – Make Sure Your Copy Is Good

People don’t buy a product because the sales page looks good or is a low price.

They buy because the copy on the sales page persuades them that your solution is exactly what they’ve been looking for.

So yep, you’ve guessed it – the copy is everything.

a) For your own product:

If you have copy which isn’t written to trigger the buying emotions within a prospect, you’ll make no sales.

But if you hire a professional copywriter who has been persuading people to buy through their words for several years, your sales page will always convert prospects to customers with ease.

There are tons of good copywriters out there – including in the “Warriors For Hire” section of the Warrior Forum. Just be sure to always do your research and check for their previous results.

They’re not usually the cheapest of services to use, but their results will usually make back your investment (and more) within just a few weeks (providing you have traffic going to the sales page, of course!)

b) For an affiliate offer:

Obviously you can’t change the copy on the affiliate offer, but you can change the offer altogether.

Always check the affiliate offer’s JV/affiliate information page for conversion statistics. If the conversion rates for other affiliates is less than $1 EPC (“earnings per click”), then find something else to promote which sells better. The higher this EPC value is, the better.

Also, be aware that some offers won’t work as well in your sales funnel as they do in other peoples’ funnels. It’s all down to testing them out to find the right one for your funnel.

Step #2 – Make Sure The Offer Is Related To Your Free Gift

If people join your list to get a free gift on a specific topic, you know for sure that they need a solution for that topic.

For example, if they opt in for something related to WordPress, you have proven evidence that they’re interested in WordPress.

So you should use that data to your advantage.

Instead of offering them something you’re not even sure they’re interested in, give them a chance to “upgrade” their original free gift to a product on the same topic.

That way, you’ll have a much more targeted offer which will resonate with their needs a lot more.

Step #3 – Make Sure Your Traffic Source Contains Buyers

Not all traffic sources are created equal, and some will make more sales than others.

For example, traffic gained from solo ads is much more targeted than traffic from traffic exchanges.

It’s all down to a mix of intent (do they actually want to see your offer?), affluence (are they comfortable spending money on your offer?), and their mindset (their thoughts, outlooks and objections).

So if you’ve done all the above steps and you’re still not making enough sales to break even, then you should change your traffic source to something of higher quality, e.g. solo ads, affiliate traffic, and/or pay-per-click advertising.

With all these steps in practice, you’ll be able to create a high-converting one-time offer which allows you to build your email list for free – then the world is your oyster.

Talk soon!
- James Francis.

P.S. Any questions or comments? Tell me in the comments section below...

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