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How To Increase Your Sales Without Any Changes To Your Marketing

How To Increase Your Sales Without Any Changes To Your Marketing

Are you struggling to decide which products to promote to make maximum sales?

Or have you already started promoting some products but can't seem to get anyone to buy?

This used to happen to me and my marketing friends all the time, and it sucked! Looking at that big far "zero" in your sales statistics over and over again really hits hard - especially when your family and so-called friends aren't always supportive of your online venture.

Fortunately there's a stupidly simple way to fix this for good within just 10 minutes or less - even if you have no list, no website and no clue.

It all comes down to finding out what your prospects actually want, instead of what you think they want.

Often we start our online businesses with plenty of great ideas for what we'll be helping our customers with, but the truth is... Those ideas don't matter. You are not your customer.

What we think our customers want and what our customers actually want are usually two completely different things.

For example, somebody who has a smoking addiction knows that it's harmful to their health, it's going to shorten their lifespan and all the other negatives that come with it. However that doesn't always mean they want to stop smoking. What they actually want is more cigarettes.

The same thing applies to your online business.

You would look at a customer who has a misbehaving dog that barks all day long and think they need to get it fixed, but what they are actually drawn to the most is how to stop their dog from peeing on the carpet - a much more urgent behavior with instant gratification.

The trick is, once you know what people are actually drawn to the most, we can give it to them. This makes the selling process obsolete, as you don't need to persuade them about anything. They're already looking for a solution!

Then of course you're free to educate them on the better ways of doing things which is going to get them better results in the long term.

In other words, you begin with selling them on what they want, then educate them on what they need.

But how do we find out what they want?

This process is made super simple using something called "UGC".

UGC stands for user-generated content, which is anything that gives the prospect a voice to share their thoughts, feelings, and wants.

By looking at this, you're seeing the unfiltered truth of what people actually want, so you can use those insights to choose the right product to solve that want, increasing your sales in the process without actually changing your marketing strategies at all. As you can imagine, it's marketing gold.

Here are 5 of my favorite places to look for this user-generated content:

1) Amazon Book Reviews

Find a popular book that is relevant to your chosen niche and look at the reviews for it. You'll see what people like about the book, and more importantly, what they don't like.

Then simply incorporate the good points and fix the bad points in your own product or content.

Reviews Example
This even works for less popular niches like knitting!

2) Surveys

If you have an existing audience on social media or an email list, simply send them a 2-3 question survey straight-up asking them what they want help with the most. Any free survey tool will work great, such as Google Forms or SurveyMonkey.

Survey Example
These responses can also help you to overcome reasons why people aren't buying.

3) Forums

Do a quick Google search for your niche and then "forum" (e.g. "dog training forum"). You'll then see a ton of places where people are sharing what they need help with the most, along with their experiences so far and what would be their ideal solution.

Forum Example
Look for common trends, as these will be the "most wanted" topics in your niche.

4) Facebook Groups

Simply search Facebook for your chosen niche and you're guaranteed to find at least a few groups with your prospects asking questions about the topics they need help with the most.

Facebook Group Example
Look at all those people you can get insights on for your marketing!

5) Quora

If you remember Yahoo Answers, you're going to love this one. It's a website where anybody can post questions and get detailed replies from people all over the world. The key here is to not only see which questions are being asked the most in your niche, but also how they're being phrased and what words they use.

Quora Example
HINT: The topics with the most "upvotes" are the most requested.

Then by creating your content and products around those topics that people want the most (instead of what you want to do) - in the same language they use - your prospects will relate to it much better and be more likely to buy. This is because you'll be hitting their emotional bullseye and connecting with an existing problem that needs to be solved immediately.

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Of course, finding out what your prospects are waiting to buy with credit card in hand is super important.

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