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How To Get Testimonials For Your New Product

After you've finished creating a brand new product, the time comes to write the sales page for it...

Whether you get your sales copy written by a professional copywriter (recommended) or write it yourself, you'll realize that one of the key elements of a profitable sales page is having some form of testimonials from other people who've already used your product.

Without these testimonials, people will have to "take your word for it" - which rarely happens - leaving you with a low conversion rate and a massive lack of sales.

BUT we have a problem...

How can you get testimonials if people haven't bought your product yet?

... It's a "catch 22 situation"!

However the good news is that you can get testimonials whether you currently have an audience or not.

First, if you already have an audience, you need to make the most of them by reaching out to them for help.

The best thing about asking for reviews from your target audience is it's more ethical than asking your friends to give you a testimonial without them going through the product - plus the reviews are always more authentic and will hit more of the common "paint points" in your niche too (which helps to increase your sales!).

To do this, simply send a short broadcast email using your autoresponder (e.g. AWeber) asking your subscribers if they would be willing to get your product for free in exchange for a review.

Personally I'd recommend leveraging this opportunity to get video-based testimonials (no more than 5 minutes long), but I'll leave that one up to you!

And if you're lacking inspiration, here's a sample email to use...

Hey, it's [your name]!

I've just finished creating a brand new product called [product name]. It's all about [what the product helps people with].

However, I need testimonials for the product before I can release it to the public...

So I was wondering if you'd be interested in getting early access for free in exchange for giving me a written/video testimonial?

If you are, just reply to this email explaining why I should choose you and what action you've taken so far.

[Your Name]

The last time I sent an email to my list similar to this, around 30% of the people who opened the email replied within 24 hours saying they'd LOVE to give a testimonial. So it's a very powerful strategy!

I'd recommend choosing only 20 people from the people who "apply", as only around 30%-50% of them will actually get back to you with a testimonial. The other people will usually give excuses why they didn't go through the product yet or ignore you completely.

However that still leaves you with 6-10 solid testimonials from people who've gone through the product and hopefully got some results from it!

Tip: Setting a timeframe of 14 days will increase the chances of people getting back to you quickly.

After you've gotten the testimonials, I'd personally recommend letting the people who've given you testimonials continue having access the product, but block the people who didn't reply from the members area.

An easy way of doing this is using something like Wishlist Member, but a simpler solution is just to put a temporary web page up with your product for the review process, then delete it after you've received the testimonials.

But what if you don't already have an audience?

It's a pretty similar process...

First, you need to find a forum or message board where people in your niche hang out.

Simply post a new thread in the most active section of the forum if possible (if they have rules against that sort of thing, be sure to post it in the relevant section), using the exact same email copy I gave you above - but replacing the end section with something like this...

If you are, just send me a private message explaining why I should choose you and what you've action you've taken so far.

Then you'll soon get a ton of private messages on that forum from people asking to review your product in exchange for a testimonial.

How cool is that?!

Finally, when the time comes to gather the testimonials, you may need to follow up with some people 2-3 times to get a response, using different subject lines to grab their attention (e.g. "IMPORTANT: Your Review Of [Product Name]".

(Remember, some people have very crowded email inboxes and can easily miss your emails.)

Be sure to thank the people that replied with a testimonial, and also give them a way to continue accessing your product to say "thanks" for helping you.

Using these strategies, you'll never have any problems with gathering testimonials ever again 🙂

Have a great day!
- James.

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5 Responses

  1. I really liked your blog post. I have a question for you, though. I'd like to create some travel-related products but they wouldn't be things that people would access from a private page on my website, they'd be physical products. Any suggestions for doing this?

    1. Good question Amy! You could just follow the same process of sending the items to people's home address for free. You'd obviously lose a little money on making the physical items and shipping (so it's not ideal if you're on a tight budget), but the great testimonials you'd get would be worth it due to the increased conversion rate from then on.

      Alternatively you can promote your website and items without any testimonials, then simply ask your customers for a testimonial a few days after they've received their order. This is probably the better option, and is personally what I'd do 🙂

      Have a great day!
      - James.

  2. Thanks James for this tip. I just used your sample email on my list, and WOW, responses are coming in. Really appreciate you sharing this.


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