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How To Get Started When You Have Zero Expertise

When you're just getting started with making a profit online, it can be quite daunting to declare yourself as the expert when you don't have any expertise in anything.

Take this question I just received from one of my customers, for example...

What is the best niche for a beginner with no expertise in anything (but serving tables) to go into and actually have a chance to be relevant. I have no miracle cure, i'm not a body builder and if i knew how to make money online, i would not be spending my days in a day job serving people coffee and cleaning the post apocalyptic wasteland they leave after themselves. How do i go about creating something of value and help people... when i cant even help my self?
Thank you James.

So how do you overcome this?

There are two main ways to do it:

First, we often undervalue our current experience and knowledge, thinking that it won't be valuable to people.

For example, if I think about everything I do every week, I play guitar, have a career (with my online business, but it still counts!), try to continuously improve myself and more - and that's 3 niche ideas right there.

So thinking about your life, is there something you can take from your career and teach it to others in your online business? We're not just talking the physical tasks you do, but what about the related tasks and mindset behind it too?

And what about your hobbies?

Or you could even try asking your friends and family if you're good at anything specific, as they won't have the pessimistic view that we often judge ourselves with.

If that doesn't help, then you only have one option left - to become good at something.

Generally in life, the more valuable you become (measured in how many lives you change), the more you get paid for that value.

In the above example, waiting tables is an important role in society - but isn't usually going to change many lives.

So while you're working your day job to keep your life ticking over, take your spare time - or create spare time by going to bed later or waking up earlier - and use it to grow your skills and knowledge in a new topic area to become valuable.

The more valuable you become, the more you're worth financially.

So in other words, if you don't have any expertise in anything, you need to choose a topic you're interested in and begin or grow your expertise until you have enough to teach people what you've just learned.

Plus, if you're wondering when you'll have "enough" knowledge, it's when you can explain the basics of your chosen topic well enough that people understand you.

Around 90% of the prospects in your chosen niche will be complete beginners, so you only need to know one thing that they don't (i.e. the basics) and they'll automatically see you as an expert.

It's not the overnight "magic bullet" trick that other snake oil salesmen will try to sell to you (even though it doesn't exist), but it's the honest answer after working with tens of thousands of customers and clients over the last 8 years.

So choose your topic. Educate yourself on it. Reap the profits.

Looking forward to seeing you at the top!
- James Francis.

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4 Responses

  1. Thank you for the idea I do have several things I am good st, just not sure it will make a profit. I like to sew. I am a good cook, and I have worked in customer service, and did payroll for an accting firm. I have to work from home. Any suggestions .

    1. You have plenty of talents already then as you mentioned - cooking, sewing accounting - teach people 1 of these skills. Which one do you enjoy most? There are millions of people probably searching right now for the knowledge you have!

  2. What a great insight for the newbies to this business. I'm so glad I found this site. I could have saved myself so much time and frustration from searching for this information elsewhere. Thank you so much for this post.

    I'll definitely be back for more!

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