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How To Get Ideas For New Content

"Write a blog!", they tell you. "It'll be easy!" they say.

But there's nothing more terrifying than staring at a blank page wondering what to write.

Worse still, creating new content is super important if you want to keep your audience responsive and interested in hearing what you have to say.

Luckily we don't have a problem with writer's block any more, as we have an endless supply of ideas from 3 main idea generation machines...

Idea Generation Machine #1 - Your Customers

When working with people in our products and coaching program, we're always listening to our customers and helping them with their biggest issues.

Because they tell us exactly what they need help with, we can turn that question into a blog post or video.

We find that if one customer is asking a question about it, there are plenty of other people thinking about it too.

For example, one of our coaching clients was having issues with setting up the Facebook Ads tracking pixel. So we turned it into a blog post.

Plus, we always listen to what people say when contacting our support desk. If it's an interesting question, we'll write about it.

Takeaway: In your online business, listen to your customers carefully and they'll give you a ton of ideas for new content. What may be a fairly simple and obvious thing you, may not be so easy or obvious to them.

Have you answered a question in the last few weeks that you could turn into a new blog post or video?

Idea Generation Machine #2 - Public Message Boards

If you don't have a list of customers or prospects you can call on (yet!), OR you need some more ideas, this one is for you...

Just visit any public forum or message board in your niche and you'll see a ton of questions being asked.

Every one of these questions serves as a strike of inspiration to cut through writer's block instantly. You may even find other people's answers to the question to give you some ideas for the structure of the content, too!

Another great way of doing this is to use It's basically a more up-to-date version of Yahoo Answers.

Just search for your niche and you'll find a whole bunch of unique topics you can write about.

Takeaway: Type your niche and then "forum" into Google (e.g. "internet marketing forum") and browse the main section of the forum. Choose any question you like, look at any existing answers for a guide on what to write about, and start writing content about it.

Idea Generation Machine #3 - Product Reviews

If you're really hungry for ideas or the other methods just aren't cutting it for you, then you'll love this one. is great for many things (usually which end up in my shopping basket), but it also gives us great ideas.

Simply go there and search for books written about your niche. If you look at the reviews, you'll see comments from people saying what they liked - and disliked - about the book.

But of course this isn't just about the book - it's also about their personality as a whole.

This is not only a great way to get to know your prospects better (so your marketing hits their emotional bulls-eye), but also tells you what sort of content people actually want to see.

Takeaway: See what people are saying in the reviews, then use that as inspiration when writing your content. Because you're giving people what they want, they'll usually like the content better than something you've tried figuring out for yourself, too.

Don't forget - content is king.

Giving great content establishes yourself as a credible expert in your niche, while showing people you can be trusted and actually want to help them - which always helps with sales.

- James Francis.

P.S. What do YOU do to get rid of writer's block? Leave a comment below!

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  1. hey thanks for this post on how to get new ideas for content . Content is the king says its true without it we can't make our site grow in market.Thanks again keep sharing.

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