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How To Generate Ideas For New Content

Ever sat down and stared blankly at your computer screen, feeling completely lost at what to write about?

It’s a common problem for most information marketers, as you don’t just want it to be average – you want it to be GREAT, right?

But if you use the right strategies, you can generate ideas effortlessly – without having to settle for less-than-perfect content or hire a boring content writer (or even worse, automated software!) to do it for you.

Here’s what I do…

Firstly, this entire process becomes much easier if you’re in close communication with your market.

After all, if you’re speaking to people on a daily basis and working closely with your customers, they’ll straight-up TELL you what problems they’re currently having.

And “tada!” – you have a problem or topic to write about.

If you’re not currently that close to your audience and are hiding behind emails, then…

1) That’s going to really harm your online business’s profit, as how can you cater to their needs if you don’t know what they are?


2) You need to BECOME closer to your market to really know and understand what they’re going through.

So create a Facebook community for your products, create a Facebook page for your brand and regularly post new tips, send an anonymous survey to your email list simply asking them what they need help with, or anything to get closer to what your market really thinks and feels.

Then simply create content based around this feedback.

However – what if you’re in the beginning stages and don’t have an audience yet?

Thankfully there are still ways you can generate ideas simply by observing your market.

To start, you should visit a popular forum or message board in your niche (just Google “[your niche] forum”, e.g. “dog training forum”) and spend 10-15 minutes scrolling through the threads, seeing what kind of problems people are having and what they’re currently talking about.

For example, if somebody asks how to get their dog to stop barking, you have an idea right there!

If somebody asks why their squeeze page isn’t converting well, then you could talk about the biggest mistakes which most people make on their squeeze page.

If somebody asks why they’re exercising but putting on weight, you can address that issue in detail.

Do you see how all of these strategies rely on being in touch with your audience? That’s the key.

As long as you’re truly in touch with your audience and know what they think, feel and are struggling with, you’ll never have great difficulty generating ideas for new content ever again.

Simply find out what they want, then give it to them.

Have a great day!
- James Francis.

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