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How To Free Up More Time In Your Online Business

The best way to make massive progress in a short period of time is by managing your time more effectively.

Sure, it’s not a sexy “push-button” solution which will make you a million dollars overnight – but it’s a fundamental exercise you must do to become successful online.

The truth is, most beginners spend way too much time on the wrong things, leaving very little time for the activities which actually get results.

Here’s what you need to do to fix this…

Step #1 – Analyze Your Working Day

Be honest with yourself and write down everything you do on a daily basis while working on your online business, then put an approximate percentage next to each activity for how much time you spend on it.

For example, my average working day this week has been something like this…

Reading emails – 5%
Replying to emails – 5%
Creating content (blog, products, etc) – 30%
Creating web pages – 5%
Getting traffic – 20%
Communicating with my email list – 10%
Tweaking and optimizing marketing campaigns – 10%
Coaching calls with students – 15%

The key here is to be honest with yourself, as if you write down what you think your day should look like instead of what it actually looks like, you’ll only be fooling yourself.

The biggest breakthroughs happen when you take an honest look “from the outside in”.

Step #2 – Trim The Fat

Look down at your list of activities and for each of them, ask yourself a simple question…

“Will this activity directly result in me making any money?”

For example, if you’ve listed “browsing forums”, that’s a pointless task as it won’t get you any results or make you any money.

Similarly, if “reading emails” takes up a huge chunk of your time, that won’t get you any direct results either.

Put an “X” next to each activity which doesn’t directly result in you making any money from it.

Sooner or later, you’ll see that most of the activities without an “X” next to them will all be “action taking” activities, i.e. when you implement something.

Step #3 – Optimize Your Productivity

Now this is where the magic happens.

Look at all the activities you have an “X” next to, and either remove, reduce or outsource it.

A few non-money-making tasks are necessary sometimes (e.g. reading emails), but if you have a huge percentage of your time spent on any of these tasks, then in future, reduce the amount of time you spend on it.

For the example of “reading emails”, you can reduce the amount of time spent on this by unsubscribing from everyone’s email list who doesn’t provide value to you or help you in any way.

For the example of “designing web pages”, you’ll get better and faster at it with experience, so the amount of time required for this will decrease naturally over time.

If you can remove the non-money-making activity altogether (e.g. browsing forums), then even better!

Finally, if there’s an activity which is necessary but is taking a huge chunk of your time (e.g. customer support), then hire somebody else to do it for you. After all, they dedicate their life to doing this activity each and every day, so they’ll often do a much better job than you anyway.

Write down your “action steps” next to all the activities you have an “X” next to.

After following this 3-step exercise, you’ll have a lot of extra time available in your online business (and your life!), which you should use to create assets in your business, such as products, content, building your list, managing your list, etc.

So what are you waiting for? Implement this right away, and let me know how it goes for you in the comments 🙂

Talk soon!
- James Francis.

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