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How To Create Your Ideal Lifestyle

James Francis
Here's me exploring a waterfall while my business runs itself.
With every new prospect, customer or client I speak to, usually the biggest motivator for them to build a successful online business is to create a better lifestyle for themselves.

You've probably been thinking about it too. You know... The allure of being able to work how you want, when you want, where you want. It's a great goal to have.

Yet when most people actually start becoming successful in their business, they often make the fatal mistake of trapping themselves inside their business.

This usually comes in the form of being stuck in the deadly launch cycle, doing everything yourself, or having everything reliant upon your personal actions - meaning your business isn't able to run without you, and you're stuck working all the hours in the day.

But thankfully there IS a way to run a successful online business and enjoy a GREAT lifestyle too.

For example, a few days ago, I got back from a 5-day vacation in Devon, southern England (you can see one of the photos above). During this time, I literally spent about 30 minutes each morning replying to my coaching clients which left the rest of the days free to do stuff my wife and I enjoy. Plus, I have 3 more vacations planned within the next 3 months, ranging from the Lake District to a whole month in Italy.

(Note: I'm NOT trying to brag - but I'm just showing you what's possible when you structure your business correctly.)

So how do I manage to enjoy life so much and keep my business growing?

First, you need to automate what can be automated.

Look at your business right now and write down all the tasks you do on a weekly basis, then ask yourself, "could any of these tasks be automated?". Usually these things are repetitive tasks such as email follow-up sequences, social media updates, content delivery, and similar. Then go out and automate them.

For example, if some new blog content needs to be delivered when you're on vacation, set it to "scheduled" within WordPress and queue up an email broadcast for that date within AWeber or any other email autoresponder.

Second, look at the remaining items on that list, and ask yourself, "can somebody else do any of these tasks FOR me?". These are the tasks you outsource to other people.

Sure - outsourcing these tasks means you may not get things done to the high standard you would get them to, but the employee/outsourcee will always get them pretty close. Or in some circumstances, they'll even get the task done a lot more effectively, e.g. I'm terrible at creating graphics, so my graphics designer does a MUCH better job than I ever could!

I've learned from over 6 years of experience that you will never be able to do everything yourself (and you shouldn't anyway), so don't kill yourself trying.

After all, do you see Richard Branson or Bill Gates replying to customer service emails?

Next, look at the remaining elements on your list of activities. These are the items which are holding you back from growing your business, and probably won't be that scalable or leveraged.

For example, if you're spending a lot of time working one-on-one with coaching clients, the way to overcome this would be to create a group coaching program. This means your clients still get the same end result, but you're only working one hour per week on the actual delivery whether you have one client or one hundred clients - which allows there to be no limit on how many people you can help.

Finally, if you're feeling frustrated in your business and aren't enjoying the process, then it's probably because you aren't putting yourself first and are catering to every whim of your marketplace.

Of course you need to look after your customers and serve them in the best way possible. But you have a conscious choice of what offers you put out there, how you brand and position yourself, the type of customers you attract into your audience, and everything else within your daily life.

This means if you're experiencing an issue with any specific area of your business, simply change that area until you feel you can enjoy it.

In my business, I personally dislike writing e-books, so I made a conscious choice to create the majority of my content in video tutorial format instead. Sure - some people prefer lengthy instructional tutorials in e-book format, but those people are in the minority (as most of my audience prefers video format), and the benefit from doing something I dislike doesn't outweigh the boredom I go through when typing for what seems like forever.

So I identified something I disliked, then changed it to match my ideal lifestyle.

Again, you have a conscious choice to construct your business to match how YOU want to live. Every decision you've ever made has led to your business being as it is right now. Making new decisions can also change it.

Automation. Outsourcing. Scalability. Happiness.

That's the key to an ideal lifestyle.

To your success!
- James Francis.

P.S. What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment below 🙂

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2 Responses

  1. Hi james
    Great blog
    Lots of great points
    I have 5 websites that have no selling links in them
    So at the moment i am outsourcing what I want done
    this has taken me ages to get to as money is as always the problem.
    But like you said I cant do it all myself.
    It is a long slow process building your business but exciting every time you get a challenge completed and as you know there are a lot of challenges
    So thats it for now but i will keep up with your blog and when I get mine up I will let you know

  2. Hello James

    Thanks for the sound advice. Motivation is absolutely essential - it helps us persevere through the challenges. Efficient time management too, in order to get maximum results. And money to invest - after all this is a business not employment.

    My experience is that the 'get-rich-quick' IM 'gurus' never mention these things in their sales pitches - no wonder newbies buy a course then stumble when they realize the skills and qualities they need to be successful. 🙂

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