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How To Build Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand is one of your most valuable assets in becoming a well-known authority figure online.

In the information marketing industry, whatever niche you’re in, people follow experts (i.e. humans), not products. Think of yourself as a celebrity. They like that personal connection, and having someone who can guide them personally.

(Just like a seasoned doctor would help you more than a medical book)

Sure, you can go ahead and change your “From” name in your email newsletter every week, or use a different pseudonym for every product you release…

But if you do that, you’re living on borrowed time – because you don’t build up any momentum.

Without any kind of personal branding in your marketing, you’re just another marketer in a faceless crowd.

And because people buy from those they know, like and trust – why should they buy from you?

It’s all in the personal brand…

Firstly, a “personal brand” is everything your customer knows (or thinks) about you and your personality…

Do they know what you look like? Do they instantly recognise your writing style? Do they connect with your morals and values? Do they understand your humour?

And more importantly… Do they see you as a likeable human being?

Your personal brand is your conscious decision to show people your personality traits – and create a solid, loyal connection with you.

This not only means people will buy more frequently from you (meaning your conversion rates go up), but your business – and your income – will grow a lot quicker, too!

So how do you build it?

Firstly, you need to be yourself.

There’s nothing worse than trying to be something you’re not (or copying someone else’s style), as it’s visible to everyone that you’re faking it.

Instead, show your true personality – just like you’d be in real life.

Yes! That includes your quirks, humour and opinions, as that’s what people fall in love with.

Plus, it’s a lot easier than constantly keeping up an appearance!

Secondly, you need show the real you.

Have a professional photo of yourself (just a smiling headshot will do) on your blog, and anywhere on your website where your name is mentioned.

Why do you think I have a gigantic photo of myself on my homepage? And towards the bottom of this post? And in the “about me” section of this blog? And in my sales videos?

And why do you think I record video tutorials where I’m speaking directly to you? And audio interviews where I speak about my experiences?

It all helps with personal branding, and more specifically – getting people to know you better.

Doing these things allows people to connect a name to a face, and whenever they see your name, they think of you as a person (creating trust), instead of seeing you as another faceless marketer.

Thirdly, you need to be visible. Literally be everywhere your audience is.

Yes, that means being active on forums, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest, groups, communities, blogs, and similar.

Heck, you don’t even have to do this yourself! You could outsource this to a social media manager, make them aware of your brand and personality, and let it all run on autopilot.

Just get yourself out there – as the more people see you, the higher your perceived credibility, and the better they’ll remember you.

And sure, being so visible online may scare a few people who aren’t as serious as others. But the truth is, you’ll struggle to get very far without branding yourself as the expert or authority within your niche.

Remember, all this can be do alongside your “normal” marketing.

You don’t need to wait several months to “increase your personal branding” before you get started. That’s just a huge waste of time.

Instead, just get yourself out there and concentrate on two things:

1) Your “normal” marketing
2) Your personal branding

Try it yourself from now on, as I guarantee you’ll see a massive difference 🙂

- James Francis.

P.S. What did you think of this tutorial? Leave a comment below with your thoughts…

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