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How To Back Up WordPress

With WordPress becoming the software of choice for website creation nowadays, it’s easy to make the common mistake…

Failing to back up WordPress.

Just imagine – your website could be hacked at any time, leaving months – if not years of content vunerable to being lost forever.

And that’s exactly what happened to me a few weeks ago.

A loyal subscriber of mine had contacted me, and my worst nightmade had came true. My blog had been hacked.

All my content was deleted. All my comments had been removed. My website was back to square one. All that remained was a black page with the hacker’s name on it.

But luckily, I had a great piece of WordPress backup software installed, which meant I could restore all my content, comments and everything else with just a few clicks – like nothing ever happened.

Sure, I could’ve saved a few bucks and manually transferred all my website files, databases and just about everything else to my computer’s hard drive. But what if I missed something? And more importantly, it’d take a while to do – especially with my already-established website!

Could you imagine what would have happened if I didn’t bother to back up WordPress whatsoever?

I would’ve lost years of hard work, and would’ve had to start from complete scratch.

Here are a few ways to keep everything secure…

1) Don’t Use Basic Passwords

One of the biggest reasons for someone getting unauthorized access to your accounts is usually down to having simple passwords which are easy to guess. Some bad examples to avoid are words like “test”, “password” or your name itself.

Don’t be lazy about password creation. Instead, use a free password generator service (like this one) to ensure it’s secure, and save the new password somewhere safe.

They’re almost impossible to remember (so “cut and paste” comes in handy here), but they’ll almost always stop people guessing your password and gaining access to your website.

2) Keep WordPress Updated

When WordPress releases a new update, they do it to fix old bugs and vulnerabilities within the software (obviously along with new features, too).

It may not be a “fun” thing to do, but it’ll block off all the hidden entrances to your blog which you never knew existed, and keep your website a lot more secure.

3) Keep Everything Backed Up

If you move into a new house, you get a spare key, right? So why just rely on the one set of content on your website?

Instead, take steps to back up your WordPress site (manually or via some simple software) to ensure you’ll be able to recover everything whenever needed.

Although, this isn’t just related to hacking attempts, either…

What if your website goes offline? Your hosting company goes out of business? You hit the wrong button and delete some important content by accident?

Can you imagine that sinking feeling in your gut if that happened? I know I sure felt it when it first happened to me.

So don’t take the risk. Be sure to back up your WordPress blog today.

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Talk soon!
- James Francis.

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