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How To Automate Your Online Business

Have you ever wondered how people achieve so much within a short period of time (while you’re spending all day working and your to-do list is still growing longer)?

It’s all down to automating as much as possible in your business, or in other words – turning everything into a repeatable, scalable system.

Here’s how it’s done…

Following Up With Prospects

In most offline businesses, you usually have to do the following up yourself on a manual basis – which usually involves spending hours writing and sending similar emails to all your prospects, or phoning them personally.

But in the information marketing industry, an email autoresponder (or to use its correct name – “Email Service Provider”) such as AWeber does all this work for you.

Just write the email(s) you’d like to send to your prospects and/or customers, then it’s possible to queue the email to be sent out automatically at a set time period – e.g. 3 days after they join your email list.

This means you only need to do the work once, and the email software will do everything automatically for you in the future.

An effective way to use this is to persuade your new subscribers you’re different than everyone else by “drip-feeding” good quality content to them for 3-5 days after they opt-in. This builds trust with your subscribers, which always increases the responsiveness of your email list.

One-Time Email Broadcasts

In the information marketing industry, a large percentage of your traffic and income will come from one-time broadcasts to your email list.

This could be letting them know about your latest product, a new offer you’re promoting as an affiliate, a new blog post, and pretty much anything which helps to grow your online business.

An Email Service Provider will also automate this entire process for you, as you can schedule email broadcasts to be sent out any time in the future at a specific time – whether it’s just later in the day, or a few months from now.

This is particularly useful at busy times of the year (such as Christmas!) or on vacation, as your marketing can still continue even when you’re not able to access the Internet.

Within your AWeber account, just hover over the “Messages” tab, click on “Broadcast”, click the gigantic green “New HTML Message” button.

Delivery Of Your Free Gifts

The most effective way to persuade people to join your email list in the first place is to offer them something for free as a “bribe” for doing so, e.g. “Enter your details below to receive my 10 Tips For Making Money Online e-book”.

If you were doing this manually, you’d have to follow-up with a huge amount of people on a daily basis – there simply wouldn’t be enough time in the day!

So instead, our good ol’ Email Service Provider also lets us automatically send a “welcome” email to our new subscribers, containing a link to download the free product they originally opted in to receive.

Delivery Of Paid Products

The above process also applies to paid digital products.

Sure – if you have an extensive video course which costs anything higher than $7, you’ll want to lay it out a little more professionally in a dedicated members area. Just create it in the same way as you’d create a normal WordPress blog (just at a more hard-to-guess location, with some content protection as an optional precaution), and give them the link to access it.

But the easiest and quickest way to deliver paid products to your customers is to give it to them within your automated welcome email – so as soon as they buy the product and join your “customers only” list (which can just be a simple page with an opt-in form on it), they have instant access to the product saved in their email inbox.

Customer Service

When you start to become more successful in your online business, you’ll also receive an increasing amount of customer support queries via email.

If left unanswered, this could cripple your reputation and your business – so it’s extremely important to reply to them as fully and quickly as you can.

Although – you don’t see Bill Gates or Richard Branson answering all their customers personally, so you don’t have to either.

Instead, free up your time by hiring a customer support manager. You’ll then have more time to spend on the more profitable aspects of growing your business, and less time answering emails all day.

Plus, it’s automated in the sense that you don’t need to worry about it any more – because the person you hire will do it all for you.

Blog Posts

Heading off on vacation but still want to get your blog post published on a specific day? It’s easily done in WordPress (even if you’re a beginner).

Just write your blog post ahead of time, then schedule the post to be published at a future time and date. It’s a really obvious process available to the right of the post editor (click the “Edit” button next to “Publish Immediately”), but here’s a step-by-step tutorial if you need more guidance.

These are just some of the many examples in the information marketing industry where simple tasks can be automated with ease.

So whenever you have a repetitive task in your business – take these examples on board and think to yourself… Can I automate this?

Doing this will not only free up a lot more of your time (which you can then spend on more profitable activities – or with your family), but also make your life a lot more stress-free.

Talk soon!
- James Francis.

P.S. Has this helped you? Or do you have any questions? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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