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How To Achieve The Big Numbers In Your Online Business

Many people I speak to in my training courses, coaching programs and strategy sessions always think that the big numbers are just too “unachievable” for them.

You know the sort… “How To Make Six Figures Per Year Online”, and similar.

But the truth is, these larger numbers are only perceived and believed as unachievable because they don’t yet have a defined path to get there.

The key to reaching these big numbers is to create an achievable action plan to get there by reverse-engineering the amount.

For example, for your online business to make you a $100,000 income in one year, thats…

  • $8333.33 per month
  • $1923.07 per week
  • $273.97 per day

… So if you earn just $274 per day – that’s a six figure income online.

Do you see how that already seems more achievable now your “big whopping goal” has been broken down into smaller, more manageable chunks?

And to achieve this $1923.09 per week, you can either…

  • Sell 275 $7.00 products per week
  • Sell 20 $97 products per week
  • Sell just 2 (yes, two!) $997 products per week

… Or preferably, a mixture of the above.

Do you see how this now gives you a tangible figure and goal to work with, instead of just “hoping” you’ll get there?

It’s definitely the best way to achieve anything in business.

Think of a big whopping goal you’d like to achieve, then break it down into weekly and daily amounts.

And sure – even those figures may sound far off from where you currently are right now, but as long as you’re constantly striving towards achieve those daily and weekly amounts, you’ll always be moving in the most profitable direction.

Talk soon!
- James Francis.

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