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How NOT To Get Banned By Facebook

Just lately, Facebook have been slamming down the ban hammer on thousands of marketers across the world, closing their door to a major traffic source forever.

But how do you avoid getting your account banned from their advertising platform?

First, you have to understand that Facebook only do this to protect their users - and it usually comes with a few warnings first.

Primarily, bans happen when you don't comply with their advertising guidelines. So before you even create your first advertisement, you should read and fully understand their guidelines. No exceptions.

Oh, and there's no point trying to get around these guidelines, as you'll get found out every single time. So complying with them is your only option - even if it means changing your offer to do so.

That's exactly what I had to do around 8 months ago to keep my account active, and now I'm receiving 300+ new leads per day from Facebook without any issues whatsoever. So it's well worth the small amount of effort.

If you ignore these guidelines in one of your ads, your first warning will be a disapproval of the ad. When this happens, you'll get a reason WHY the ad was disapproved.

Instead of trying to re-submit the same ad (which will only get the same result), you need to edit your ad and/or web page based on the reason they give you. So if your ad was disapproved due to "unrealistic claims", simply edit your ad and/or web page to be less hypey and more realistic for the average Joe.

(A mental exercise I like to do here is to image yourself walking up to a stranger in the street, then speaking your ad copy to them. Would they believe you immediately, or think it was a scam?)

I've found the biggest reason for the "unrealistic claims" disapproval to be when you provide a specific timeframe for a result based on the "best case" scenario.

For example, "lose 10 pounds in one week" is achievable for somebody who is 100% motivated, has all the right tools, and has the time to exercise a LOT - but the chances are, the average Joe doesn't match up to this ideal scenario. So I'd recommend either making the timeframe more realistic for the general public, OR remove the timeframe from your ad copy and web page hook entirely. You'll only know which works best for your sales funnel by testing it.

If you continue to re-submit ads which don't comply with their guidelines and ignore the reasons for the previous disapproval(s), then you'll face one of two scenarios:

a) You get a "last chance" email from them warning you about submitting ads which don't comply with their guidelines.

b) Your account gets limited/"banned" right away.

But usually this happens after at least 10+ disapprovals in a row, with no great effort on your part to change your ad to comply with their guidelines.

At this point, can you see how annoying this would be for the Facebook staff? They've given you a ton of warnings, but you still don't get the picture. So now they're thinking, "why isn't this person listening?".

However, in rare cases, some ads which don't match their guidelines will actually get approved and even run for a long time - which gives you the impression that your ad actually DOES comply with their guidelines. Nuh-uh.

This is usually due to their automatic approval system letting your ad through the approval process by mistake, and as soon as your account gets reviewed by a human being (usually every month or so), your ads will get flagged - which may even result in a full instant ban if your ads violate more than one part of their guidelines.

So hopefully you'll now see the importance of making sure your ad AND the web page you're advertising (which should be your squeeze page) both fit into their guidelines. Unfortunately there's no way around this if you want to keep your account open.

Next, Facebook sometimes look at your activity from the Page and/or profile associated with your advertising account, too. If you're spamming a ton of groups with posts sending people to your website, you can expect to get the ban hammer pretty quickly.

Not only is this TERRIBLE marketing which gets horrendous results, but it also annoys Facebook's users - so naturally Facebook will want to stop that from happening by banning your account.

Finally, in some rare cases, Facebook's automatic review system will categorize your ad wrongly, and disapprove the ad because of a rule which doesn't apply to your niche.

For example, one of my clients was in the weight loss niche, but his ads were getting disapproved because the review system flagged his ads as being against a specific rule related to the dating niche - even though his ad had nothing to do with that niche. So all he did was contact their support staff explaining the issue, then his ads have been approved ever since.

In short, if you stick to their guidelines at all times and don't be a spammer, then you won't have any issues with getting your ads disapproved - or worse, getting your account banned. And even then, you can ask the support staff for a more detailed explanation of what you need to do.

Once you're able to get your ads approved without any issues, you'll have more than enough traffic to grow your business to six, seven and even eight figures using Facebook Ads traffic alone - providing your sales funnel is structured in the correct way to convert that traffic into sales.

Have a great day!
- James Francis.

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5 Responses

  1. Great blog James. Thanks you.

    I haven't gotten that far but hope to get a FB page in a couple of months so understanding FB this has been on my mind a lot.

    It looks like I have a lot to learn on how to set up and work with a FB page so I don't know exactly what all this means.

    I thought it was for communication, comments and posting with a hope they may be interested in the website.

    The one thing that surprised me the most is that they have a support staff.

    Last I knew, there is no support (not even emails) for a personal FB page, which is surprising.

    Thanks again, Mary

    1. Yeah Mary, a Facebook page is primarily for communication, comments and posting - but you can link them to your ads when you start using Facebook PPC.

      But why are you waiting "a couple of months" to get a Facebook page? In that time, you could have your own sales funnel making a positive ROI and change your life for the better! It's all about taking action RIGHT NOW, as there's never a perfect time to get started. Just do it! 🙂

      Good luck!
      - James.

  2. Hi, james,
    I tried facebook ads but my ad was rejected and i am going to try again and according to what you have said. I bet I have to go back and read their policy and make sure I comply. Thanks a lot.

  3. Great write up James !
    Hammers the nails right on their heads. No fluff.
    Extremely useful for those just starting on F B just like me.
    Thanks a lot buddy.

  4. Hey James, thanks for clearing up questions I had about 2 of my FB Pages. I think I need to just delete them and start over. I have others that are doing just fine.

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