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How Money Is Made Online

I just have a short tutorial for you today, with a very important lesson…

With all the rubbish floating around the IM industry lately, it’s easy to get confused and lose clarity of your outcome.

But really, it’s pretty simple…

Money is made online when a customer pays money for a digital product or service.

For example, if the customer has a misbehaving dog, they may buy a video training course, e-book or audio interview series on how to train their dog to be more well-behaved.

This is because like energy, money is neither created nor destroyed (unless you’re the government!) – it is simply transferred from person to person.

So your job as the “information marketer” is to connect the problem (which the customers are having) to a solution (the product).

Or more simply put, sell the product to the people who want it!

Any other method which doesn’t involve this crucial step simply will not work.

And yes – that includes any software or WordPress plugins which promise to “generate” cash out of thin air, or content-generating robots which supposedly generate money on autopilot.

The reason for this is just as simple…

For money to be made, there needs to be a transfer of value.

Your value (product) for the customer’s value (money).

So remember, everything you do online should be aiming towards the goal of providing valuable solutions to people’s problems, e.g. selling products to people who want or need them.

Never lose sight of this process.

Everything else is just delaying your success.

Have a great weekend!
- James Francis

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