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How Long Will It Take For Me To Start Making Money?

There’s one question our support desk gets asked on a daily basis, and I’d like to share the answer with you as I’m sure you’ll find it valuable…

“How long will it take for me to start making money?”

And that’s a fair question, as everybody likes to have some sort of idea of their future.

But this is a question which I often call “the impossible question”, as it’s impossible to answer.

Firstly, everyone is different. That’s the nature of being a human – we’re all unique.

Our skills, our intelligence, our way of thinking, our ease of understanding, our budget, our available time, our beliefs, our values, our motivation, our technical ability, our proactivity, our confidence, our speed of implementation, and many more.

All these variables (and more) contribute to how quickly your end goal can be reached.

Notice that these don’t rely on the product or “system” in question – but YOU.

Sure – it helps to have a proven blueprint laid out in front of you. But without these above variables, the product in question doesn’t even matter (because it’ll never get fully implemented anyway).

You and only you are in control of your future. It’s your responsibility.

If you’re a logical-thinking, confident “go-getter” and have the time and budget available to implement the strategies shown to you, you can be making money with most proven products within 24 hours.

But if you lack the time and budget required, need a lot of hand-holding, and aren’t dedicated enough to truly immerse yourself in the process, then there’s no telling how long it’ll take you.

It all depends on circumstance – from person to person.

So whenever you ask yourself “how long will it take for this system to become successful?”, rephrase the question to “how serious am I about making this work for me, and how quickly can I get it implemented?”.

Then if you encounter any roadblocks, focus on improving yourself to overcome them effortlessly in the future.

Be unstoppable.

- James Francis.

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