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How Integrity Affects Your Profit

It goes without saying that most entrepreneurs want to help others with their online business, and the profit comes as a side-effect of that.

However, there will always be times where you have to choose... Integrity or profit?

We already know that integrity is best for helping people, but realistically, which is best for your profit?

My online business has been running successfully for over 7 years now from the age of 18, having helped over 100,000 people and made well into 7 figures in sales.

But this doesn't mean I haven't made mistakes when I was first starting my business.

Back then, there were times when I would promote an offer without looking into it properly, because it promised a great amount of sales. Because when you're so poor that you're eating cheap noodles every day just to stay alive, you'll do anything!

But then I quickly learned that by doing that, your entire audience - not just the people who buy the offer - start to distrust you.

... And there begins the unravelling of all the hard work you've put into at that point.

They no longer open your emails because they see you as a "scammer".

Those that DO open your emails don't click on the links.

And those that DO click on the links will rarely buy what you recommend to people - even if they need it!

This massively lowers your overall conversion rates, so you could say integrity is the "hidden metric" which supercharges your results.

Since then, I've always put the customer first. And my business has grown from $2k per month to $50k per month in that time, just because I've always focused on trying to help people as much as possible.

I don't promote affiliate offers any more because I'm too busy with my own products and coaching programs, but I always recommend making sure the product will actually help people before you promote it.

To do this, it's as easy as looking at the refund rate for the product. If it's above 5%, you know something is seriously wrong. So don't promote it!

Yes, promoting a bad offer which converts well may make you more cash in the short-term, but then it'll quickly disappear when the customers refund AND when you struggle to make sales after that because you've demolished your audience's trust in you.

This is exactly why you see so many scammers in the "internet marketing" industry using actors for their sales pages and a new pseudonym every 3 months - because their audience hates them!

It's definitely not a great way to do business, because there are only so many times you can do that before you hit a dead end.

And if you're sitting on the edge of indecision, feeling like you're not sure if you should promote an offer or not because of bad customer reviews for the product, don't do it.

(This is completely different to feeling like your customers wouldn't like a product's content, as you are not your customer. Always give them what they want.)

So next time you're wondering, "should I risk my integrity?", choose integrity every time.

You'll keep more customers, they'll buy more from you in the short-term AND long-term, and they'll spread the word about your business FOR you through word of mouth.

Plus you'll sleep better at night, too.

Keep moving up!
- James Francis.

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6 Responses

    1. Great article James. I have decided early on in my business to work with clients that have integrity. I research my clients to see if they will be a fit for me and my business philosophy. Naturally I only sell and promote products that have integrity. Trust is the foundation of a business attraction.

      Thank you
      Alamin Ahmed

  1. Hey James, this is exactly what I've always thought it differentiates you from the rest of internet marketers I know...

    You just don't do affiliate marketing or at least, you don't promote other people's trainings.

    Which leads to this question, did you promote other people at some point in your IM career? I'm pretty sure you did but I may have caught just the latest bit (probably something like 3 or 4 years ago).

    I'm asking you because I still rely a lot on affiliate marketing myself but knowing that you don't do it anymore, did you quit because you were already successful with your own programs or did you quit first, in order to focus 100% on your own programs and services?

    Thanks in advance man!


    1. Great question Sergio!

      I actually spent the first 4 years of my online business promoting affiliate offers, mixed in with my own products (after I created them about two years in). I quit promoting affiliate offers after my own products were converting well, because I had more than enough of my own stuff to promote, and my list was becoming unresponsive because of promoting other people's stuff.

      I hope this helps 🙂

      Have a great day!
      - James.

  2. Good evening James,
    I just discovered your Facebook page and I am loving what I am seeing and reading so far. This an excellent article. As a young entrepreneur from Africa trying to sell African product to an American clientele, I know integrity and honesty are important to succeed in the business. Africa is well known for its corruption, and I intend to clean the image of that continent that I cherish dearly. Yes quality, respect , and integrity will be the motto of my business.

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