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How I Made $4,948.14 In 5 Days While On Vacation

This week, I took 5 days off for a much-needed “mini vacation” in Cornwall, south of the UK.

The break was amazing, as me and my wife dined at great restaurants, went to a dozen animal-related attractions, and generally had an awesome time.

One of my favorite moments was watching the sunset at a beach bar (pictured right) with my wife, sipping a cool pint of Peroni.

But the best thing is, I still managed to make $4,948.14 in those 5 days – without working.

Now, I know this sounds like some kind of “pipe dream” or a lead up to a sales pitch, but I can assure you it’s neither of those things…

It’s just the honest truth to show you what’s possible when you implement the correct guidance into your online business.

So how did I do it?

It’s all down to automation.

Behind the scenes of those 5 days, I had several things working on autopilot for me, which ultimately earned the $4,948.14…

Firstly, I had (and always have) all my customer service being taken care of by my customer support manager. So the only emails I have to deal with are from my super affiliates and coaching students, who both understand that everyone needs to take a break every once in a while.

Secondly, I have my “selling systems” taken care of, in the form of my automated sales funnels which I’ve been setting up and tweaking over the past year or so (as I teach in my Six Figure Shortcut program).

As soon as a new prospect joins my email list, they receive a sequence of daily emails which promote products and educate them on how to make more money online.

Plus, I queued up some broadcast emails for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in advance (before I went away) for the prospects and customers who have already gone through all my follow-up sequences.

Thirdly, my traffic was taken care of (as usual), as I bought a lot of high-quality solo ads before I went away, and I have good relationships with my affiliates so they usually promote on an ongoing basis.

Here’s how this all comes together…

The traffic (which I’d already set up to receive)…
… entered my sales funnels (which always work on autopilot)…
… turning a lot of the leads into sales…
… with any problems being taken care of by my customer support manager.

See how this all works together, and how it doesn’t need me to be at my computer for it to work?

That’s the ultimate aim of your online business which will get you similar results as I saw this week.

Make your business work with you in it, then replace yourself with either automated systems or reliable workers.

Once you do this, the much sought-after “freedom” part of the “Internet Marketing lifestyle” is yours.

Talk soon!
- James Francis.

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