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How Do I Make More Sales?

The number one question on ANY Internet Marketer’s (and Affiliate Marketer’s) mind is:

“How Do I Sell More Stuff And Make More Sales?”

Now don’t get me wrong, selling more stuff is AWESOME.

But there’s a right way to do it, and a wrong way…

The wrong way is to pitch more offers, day after day.

(Hey, I told you this blog post was going to be full of mind-blowing tips and advice!)

Although doing this will get you a bit more cash in the short term, you’ll lose out in the long term because your subscribers and your visitors will hate you for it.

But here’s the right way to make more sales…

Optimize Your Sales Funnel!

Yes, that’s right -

If you’re not sure what a Sales Funnel is, here’s a quick definition:

“The process which your visitor goes through to buy your stuff”

Technical, right? 😀

… It’s really that simple!

But what most people forget about, is OPTIMIZING this sales funnel to make more sales.

Right now in the industry, most people getting started are told to use this simple sales funnel…

Visitors (‘Traffic’) ==> Squeeze Page ==> Thank You Page

… And then they follow-up with their new subscribers via email if they’re lucky.

However, the way which has ALWAYS worked great for me is as follows:

Visitors (‘Traffic’) ==> Squeeze Page ==> One Time Offer ==> Thank You Page ==> Your Main Offer ==> Follow Up

So let’s break this down a bit…

If you don’t know already, a squeeze page is a simple page which has one purpose – for your visitors to opt-in to your email mailing list and become your subscriber.

This is usually achieved by giving them something for free (and of high value) in return for them doing so.

Once people are signed up to your mailing list through your squeeze page, you should present them with a low-priced one-time offer.

(We’re talking between $7 and $9.99 here!)

And by one-time offer, I mean only show it ONCE in your sales funnel (otherwise your reputation will be diminished before you’ve even started).

This could simply be your main offer but priced a little lower to say “thank you” for your visitor choosing to be your subscriber, or even an affiliate offer which is relevant and useful to what they’re opting in to receive for free.

When you new subscribers buy this one-time offer (and a lot of them do), you’re not only making a nice little profit from people subscribing to your list – but you’re also separating the “buyers” from the “non-buyers”.

The next step is the “thank you page”, where you give your new subscriber the free thing they opted-in to receive.

This page can also be monetized by either…

a) Banners for affiliate offers, and/or
b) A link to your “main” offer’s sales page

(… If you have a high converting offer, this is usually the “main offer” you should promote)

From then on, it’s a matter of providing relevant and targeted offers to your subscribers (which they’d actually find useful), and also giving away good free content to build a relationship with them.

… And if you look at ALL of the successful Internet Marketers in the industry, you’ll see they always follow this strategy (or some variation of it).


… Because it works!

So don’t re-invent the wheel – just use the strategies I’ve outlined in this post, and let me know how it goes.

- James.

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