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Have Confidence In What You Do…

Unfortunately, at many times in our life we are told we are “not good enough”…

Whether this be at school/college when we don’t pass examinations…

… By parents after we tell them that we want to be a doctor / a brain surgeon / an astronaut…

… By potential employers at interviews…

… Or – more close to home – to create an online business of our own.

Being constantly told by other people (who aren’t successful themselves anyway) that we’re not good enough eventually takes its toll on our confidence, and when faced with new challenges, we don’t think that we are “up to it”.

You may have thought this yourself in the past few weeks…

  • If you’ve saw (or used) a proven training course and thought “this isn’t for me”.
  • If you’ve lost your motivation to actually take action because “it’s pointless trying”.
  • If you think the whole industry is against you.

And even though all of the above statements are completely false, this is all because our subconscious mind has become accustomed over a period of time to accept that we are “failures”.

… But there is a way you can fight back.

Every day and throughout each day, we always need to tell ourselves what we can do and what we will do.

Plus, we need to actually believe it, too.

That’s how you take massive action and get massive results quickly.

And for those who consider this as “hocus pocus” or some kind of “hippy speak”, consider this…

We readily accept negative statements from others, and our subconscious instantly believes them.

All we are doing is providing our subconscious with positive statements, and they will also be believed.

If you’re ready to take action on this, your results will follow.

For example, take one of my new Online Income Masterclass members, Jennifer Byrd, who took immediate action.

She joined on August 20th, 2012. Her first email later that day included, “I enjoyed the tutorials. Scary “techie” stuff, but I learned a thing or two.”

Less than 24 hours later, her next email read “I’m making major accomplishments today… Drumroll please: Presenting the all NEW and SHINY: [her website URL]. Excuse my euphoria. You have no idea how great this feels.”

Less than 24 hours after that, “Now I truly understand and appreciate what it means to take MASSIVE action. Now I can write a book about taking massive action. That’s what I just got done doing. And now I have these two pages up and ready for traffic.”

She continues to face challenges but she’s taking action and getting real results – all because she’s escaped the negative “status quo” and actually overcame her negative thoughts, instilling a sense of confidence in her.

And the same will happen for you, if you try.

Each and every one of us has the potential to achieve more.

We need to build our confidence in a proactive fashion and be confident as we take action.

Otherwise, how will next year be any different than today?

Good luck!
- James Francis.

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