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What Is Ignition?
What Is Ignition?
  • It is NOT just another book on "internet marketing" or some get rich quick offer. 
  • It is NOT just another book on how to make money online, or some wacky business opportunity. 
  • It is NOT anything to do with MLM, Facebook ads, blogging, local business marketing, push button software, Forex trading, Bitcoin, or some money-making "loophole".
It’s A Simple Shortcut To Starting A 6 Figure Online Business From Scratch By Selling Digital Products & Services
The TRUTH is… If I can do it, anyone can. I went from supermarket shelf stacker to $2.6 MILLION in online sales using my 10 step simple action plan to 6 figures online.
It’s your ‘simple to follow roadmap’ to online success, where you will discover the secrets of:
  • HOW TO ACCELERATE FROM ZERO TO SIX FIGURES...  Without all the stress, hard work and hassle it normally takes. Just follow my 10 step, insanely effective online business model.
  • HOW TO FIND THE PERFECT PROFITABLE NICHE you'll never get bored with using my 6 key strategies.
  • HOW TO GET INSTANT AUTHORITY as you discover the ‘can’t miss method’ to achieve almost instant authority, so you can sucker punch the competition and grow your business rapidly – even if no one currently knows who the heck you are. 
  • HOW TO HAVE A SUITE OF PROFITABLE PRODUCTS as you discover the almost magic way to finish it all in just one afternoon (with just a tiny fraction of the usual work). 
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"I'm at about $10k/month using what you helped me to develop." 
- Jason Hornung
"Our course sales for June were $41,000... on about $2500 in expenses." 
- Todd Groskreutz
"Just about 2 weeks in I've had my first $100 day, then a month in I had my first $300 day, 5 months in we did $5200, and just last month we did over $12,450 - and it's all due to James and his coaching."
- Seth Johnson
"This evening, for the first time in such a long time, I sat down and worked on my “passion project” for two hours without even taking a breath. I don’t know where the time went, and I can hardly wait to do the same tomorrow." 
- Liz McGowen
"Cash flow has improved (interestingly; maybe something to do with following up something I really want to do..) also I do really feel like I 'get' most of this now, after taking a long time to get a grasp of the principles" - Sarah MacDiarmid
"As usual, the information from James was spot on. He gives away more than most "gurus" sell. Amazing, isn't it? James Francis is quickly becoming my favorite marketer and "go-to" guy. I have bought products from him and they are top notch. Always over-delivers. Listen to what he has to say. It's priceless."
- Richard Lane
"I made my first $1500 in 30 days because of his program. What he teaches works. Do exactly what he says, and you'll be surprised at the results you'll actually get in your business." 
- Isaiah Jackson 
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Inside Ignition, You'll Discover The Following Insider Secrets:
  • The secret online business model which allows you to scale your profit from zero to six figures per year and beyond - stress-free - so you can live your ideal lifestyle without frustration or overwhelm.
  •  How to choose a profitable niche online that you actually enjoy talking about…using a simple 6 step process.
  • Exactly what you must do to sell your prospects exactly what there’re looking for online… So you can profit quickly and easily and avoid costly mistakes.
  • The truth about which is most profitable: Affiliate marketing VS physical products VS digital products.
  • The little known way to create a suite of profitable products in one afternoon –WITHOUT doing any of the work yourself. 
  • The Instant Authority 4 Step Protocol. Authority is the number one element to get people buying from you. Discover how to boost your authority status here -even when nobody knows who you are.
  • Where The Profit Really Is Online. Discover the exact B2B and B2C products that make a huge profit and actually help people at the same time. 
  •  How to make your products stand out from the crowd so they become the only option for your customers using The Prosperity Formula. 
  • The exact 7-step email campaign that engages disinterested prospects and gets them buying from you. Responsible for over $2.6 million in sales. 
  • ​The "Profit Process" which allows us to make up to $12 back for every $1 we invest in traffic (a 12X ROI), while building your own email list at the same time! 
  • The only 3 web pages you need to sell ANYTHING online, along with what works best for us and our clients in each. 
  • The winning order form layout for turning curious prospects into buyers. (responsible for over $2.4 million in sales).
  • Creating Customers For Life - how to turn one-time customers into repeat buyers on the same day, while ensuring they have a positive experience and feel good about their purchases. 
  • The "under the radar" strategy to turn one-time sales into recurring revenue (passive income).  
  • ​The correct way to legally borrow other people's super responsive email lists for yourself. 
  • The exact traffic strategy responsible for multiple millions of dollars in sales for my business and my clients' businesses and how to get started with it - even if you've never gotten a single website visitor before. 
  • Your online business not working? Here’s a 3 step quick fix.  
  • The little-known methods to get capital to invest into your online business, without taking on a single investor.
  • ​... And so much more!
Grab Your Free Copy Of Ignition Today & Receive $435 In Bonuses
From Supermarket Shelf Stacker To $2.6 Million In Online Sales!
You’ll discover the quick and easy 10 step blueprint I used to IGNITE my online business with:
  • ​No previous experience.
  • ​No start up capital.
  • ​No authority or connections.
Back in 2008, I was working in a mind-numbing low paid job as a supermarket shelf stacker. Early mornings, long hours and a crippling commute were all part of the package. 
One day I decided, enough was enough. It was one of those life changing moments where I knew I could not continue as before.
The idea of continuing this way was too awful to contemplate.
Maybe you’ve had a moment like that in your life.
Maybe you’re close to one right now.
The path wasn’t easy or simple for me in my online business. It will be for YOU though.
Here’s why…
I made every mistake possible along the way and can tell you all the pitfalls to avoid. Plus I can give you a 10 stage map to follow to online success. I wish there had been a book like this when I was starting out.
I’ve made over $2.6 million in sales so far, and $750k in annual sales this year alone. All while working a few hours a day. 
The success of my online business has allowed me the freedom to: 
  • ​Travel first class when I want.
  • ​Stay in 5 star hotels.
  • ​Have free time to explore the world.
  • ​Create security and financial stability for me and my loved ones.
  • ​Spend time helping people create amazing online businesses - which I love.
Listen - if I can do it ANYONE can do it. 
I’m nothing special, have no special skills or qualifications or knowledge.
I don’t even have a third level education.
I’ve helped thousands of regular people create the 6 figure online business of their dreams and now I want to do the same for you.
Let me break down for you…
Why IGNITION Is Different…
Look, I know how it is. I know you may have seen offers for books like this before. I know you’re smart, and you may be thinking…
… is this really all it’s cracked up to be?
The answer is… NO.
It’s Even BETTER…
Here’s why…
This isn’t some hyped up book full of fluff and theory and empty promises.
Those kind of books make my blood boil.
Or worse yet… some book full a techniques and strategies the author has never even tried.
I know those books are out there, and I’ve bought them before.
When I wrote Ignition, I had something very different in mind.
I wanted people to experience…
The ‘Ignition Mission’
‘The Ignition mission’ is about making it possible for literally ANYONE to have a real, sustainable, and profitable online business.
That’s the reason I wrote this book.
My mission is to revolutionize the way people can create the freedom lifestyle of their dreams. 
It has taken me 3 years to create Ignition.
3 years of perfecting my craft, along with literally tens of thousands of dollars testing and trying new things, and learning from those who have truly succeeded and proven themselves.
(Specifically over $133,129 in coaching, consulting and trial and error alone to date.)
The result is a proven formula for online success I can 100% stand behind. I’ve proven its effectiveness thousands of times.
How Does It Work?
At the core of Ignition is a formula. 
And not just any formula.
… It’s a 10 step easy to follow PROVEN formula for creating a thriving online business in any niche you’re passionate about and has profit potential.
Up until now, I’ve only shared it with my inner students who pay 5 figure monthly coaching fees.
Once you have that formula for online success, you may find yourself with more confidence, more clarity, and you may be able to act faster with less doubt, stress, or confusion.
And you’ll learn the TRUTH about what it takes to create life changing freedom from an online business.
And you’ll learn the TRUTH about creating six figures in an online business.
It’s the truth that set me free financially.
The Truth About Making An Income Online:
FACT: Most people who start an online business fail.
Over 90% according to research.
And that’s NOT because it’s hard, because it isn’t.
I had no marketing, technical, sales copy, or design skills.
And I have no third level qualifications.
The reason why people fail online is because they do not follow a proven plan. They jump from one opportunity to another until they run out of money or motivation or both - and go back to their day job.
Which is really awful because…
The latest research says over 80% of people "hate their job" and the staggering amount of people stressed and worried over their finances is HUGE.
The really sad thing is, you have massive potential inside you. I know you do, otherwise you would not have read this far.  
And if someone could give you a simple road map to follow to IGNITE that potential… The possibilities are endless for you.
But it only works if you take action.
Because knowledge without action is simply a dream.
Are you ready to take action?
PLUS You'll Get Over $435 In Fast Action Bonuses For Free - For A Limited Time Only!
When you secure your free copy of Ignition today, you'll receive these incredible bonuses valued at over $435!

1) Ignition Professionally-Recorded Audiobook ($97 Value) - Prefer to listen in your car or during your commute? Get the audiobook instantly within your dedicated bonuses area!

2) "Fill In The Blanks" Online Business Plan ($197 Value) - Many people fail online because they don't stick to a proven plan. But with this bonus, you'll finally have a personalized plan to follow to build a profitable online business!

3) Worksheets For Each Chapter ($27 Value) - Learning new strategies is great, but implementing those strategies is even better. That's why I'll also include "fill in the blanks" worksheets for each chapter in the book, so you can apply what you learn to your own online business!

4) Bonus Chapter ($17 Value) - When the book arrives, you'll get an extra chapter at the end containing the 10 most important commandments I've learned since I started in 2008 that have been responsible for over $2.6 million in sales. Some early reviewers have said this chapter is worth the price of the book alone!

5) Resources Area ($97 Value) - You'll also get access to the bonus download area, containing checklists, copy-and-paste marketing templates, swipe files, resources and more!
Are you ready? Let's get started...
Grab Your Copy Of Ignition Today For Free & Receive $435 In Bonuses
Ignition is the right tool to get to the lifestyle you want to create from your online business.
So What's The Catch?
The truth is, there is NO CATCH.
You are NOT going to be signed up to some sneaky continuity program that debits your card every month.
Your data is NOT going to be sold on to other marketers.
I’m giving you this FREE COPY OF IGNITION TODAY because…
1. It's my way of giving back to those who helped me and I love spreading the word about how simple and easy having a six figure laptop lifestyle can be.
2. I can give away my best ideas and action plans because unlike other online marketers, I have other online businesses, outside of just teaching people to make a profit online. You will see some real life case studies of how I make a profit in these niches inside the book.
3. I know when you see how amazing the material is inside Ignition you’ll be excited about hearing from me in the future, and maybe we can work together.
4. I like to get the truth out there and annoy some wannabe ‘fake marketers’ (no names included here). There are tonne a ‘fake online marketers’ out there who make no money at all yet spend all their time teaching action plans to make money online. They have never put their ‘theories’ into practice. They seriously get my blood boiling. Getting a real proven action plan for online success in your hands is like my revenge on them and it helps you at the same time.
You Need To Hurry Here...
(No Time To Dawdle)
Here's why...
As you know this is a paperback book…
And I have bought a very limited number of copies for free distribution here.
So when they are gone, they are gone.
And as we lose money on every book we give away, this offer has to come down soon.
So make sure to act now to avoid disappointment.
And remember, you are protected by…
My 100% Risk Free Guarantee
Hit the button below right now and claim your FREE copy of Ignition today. 
And if for any reason or no reason at all you feel it’s not one of the most useful guides on how to start from nothing and grow to 6 figures and beyond online, simply shoot me a quick email and I’ll even refund the shipping you have paid for it.
No quibble, no questions asked.
So you truly have nothing to lose here and everything to gain. 
Claim Your Copy Of Ignition Now
Before They Are All Gone…
Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Grab Your Copy Of Ignition Today For Free & Receive $435 In Bonuses
P.S. I’d love to have a chance to really share my experience of growing on online business rapidly, from scratch to 6 figures. If I can do it, ANYONE can. And best of all… it’s risk free for you to see how it’s done. 
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>>> Claim your FREE BOOK right now and these amazing bonuses.

My Free Gift To You…
My free gift to you today is some free advice. 
The bottom line is this…
If you want the freedom and satisfaction that goes along with starting a profitable online business you know what you need to do.
You need to follow a proven plan. You need a plan that’s worked for thousands of people to get where you want to go.
And if you don’t follow that plan… It’s like trying to get to a city without a map. You get lost…
Simple as that.
… And not because you’re not capable of running a 6 figure online business. (Because I know you are) ...
... Rather because you simply did not have the right steps to follow.
Don’t let that happen to you.
If you let this opportunity to get started the right way online, slip by you…
… If you don’t take action today… you know where you’ll be in one month, 6 months or even 12 months from now, right?
In the exact same place you are now.
Don’t let that happen.
I’m covering the cost of IGNITION for you.
You risk nothing.
See you on the other side.
J. Francis
Grab Your Copy Of Ignition Today For Free & Receive $435 In Bonuses
About The Author
James Francis.
Founder & CEO, Digital Prosperity.
In 2008, I started my online business and fell flat on my face more times than I care to mention. I was working as a shelf stacker in a local supermarket, with no online experience and no degrees or qualifications.
But after seeing some success online, I dropped what didn't work and scaled what did, soon forming our company, Digital Prosperity.
We're a coaching and training company that creates and sells information products which allow entrepreneurs and small businesses to grow their profit in a niche they find interesting and fun. We believe marketing doesn't need to be overwhelming or frustrating. And through our training programs, our goal is to help as many people as possible to have successful information marketing businesses and live the lifestyle they deserve.
So far we've helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs and small businesses with their online businesses, and we're not stopping there. Our mission is to share our proven knowledge and experience to revolutionize the industry so people don't have to struggle with growing their online businesses any more.
That's why I wrote this book - so we can help more people around the world to create their perfect lifestyle.
Now it's your turn...
Frequently Asked Questions
Why Are You Giving The Book Away For Free?
When I first sat down to write this book, my goal all along was for it to become a bestseller so I could share my message with the world and say, "I wrote a book on it!". Also calling myself a bestselling author is a plus, too. Because my loyal audience has been so amazing to help me achieve this goal quickly, I'm giving away a few thousand copies as thanks - starting with 100 copies as a limited-time marketing test. So grab your copy before we run out!
Does This Book Waffle On About Your Life For What Seems Like Forever?
I'm sure you're fed up of this from some other books in our industry lately! You'll be pleased to hear that while I do talk about my life experiences every so often throughout the book, it's always relevant to what I'm teaching you, and even then it only accounts for around 20% of the book. This means 80% of the book is focused on actual "do this, then do that" style teaching to build a successful online business, gained from the last 11+ years of helping tens of thousands of people to do the same. So whether you're reading it on your commute or at your desk, you'll be sure to gain incredible value from it.
Which Business Models Does This Book Talk About?
If you're interested in starting an online business but aren't sure how, this book reveals the most profitable business model to do so quickly - selling digital products and services. It does also delve into selling physical products and dropshipping in a few places, but the main focus is the most profitable one. I explain why it's so profitable and has a much higher success rate compared to physical products within the book.
Do You Accept PayPal?
Unfortunately not. We tried accepting PayPal in the past and we found that it doesn't play well with our other systems, resulting in orders being lost, bonuses not being delivered, orders not being shipped, and more. So to ensure you actually receive what you pay for and have the best customer experience, we accept all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.
How Quickly Will My Order Be Shipped Out?
Orders received before 12pm Eastern Time are shipped the same day, and orders after this are shipped the very next day.
How Long Will It Take For My Book To Arrive?
For the USA, orders typically arrive within 7-9 business days on average, but sometimes even faster within 4-5 business days. For international orders outside the USA, you'll usually receive it within 2 weeks or less, on average. However this is not a guarantee, and delivery times may vary. If you don't receive the book within 3 weeks and we can't track it down for you, simply contact us here and we'll ship you out another one at our expense. You'll be emailed a tracking number for your order as soon as your order is shipped, so you can follow its journey on the way to you.
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Grab Your Copy Of Ignition Today For Free & Receive $435 In Bonuses
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