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Free Content VS Straight To A Paid Offer?

Let’s talk about strategy for a few minutes…

When you’re yet to make your first $10,000 online, the typical mindset is “I want to make money as quickly as possible!”.

That’s why most beginners usually set up their sales funnel without any kind of value-giving process in mind, as they’re often focused on their own results (not the customers’ results from their recommendations).

This means they usually send their new subscribers straight to a paid offer, and structure a follow-up sequence to persuade them to buy this main offer, along with others in the future.

This is the easiest way to create a sales funnel, as it allows you to start making money a lot quicker than most other sales funnel strategies (and is the method I teach in my Six Figure Shortcut program, because of how easy it is to set up and start making money with).

But then once you have these foundations laid, you quickly find yourself either lacking results (due to the lack of value you’re providing in your sales process), or if you do get results, wanting to improve those results a lot more.

That’s when, with the correct guidance, most people begin the value-giving process.

This involves giving away some kind of content (e.g. a video tutorial on a specific topic, or even a brief video series) for free, as it establishes yourself as an authority figure and generates trust with your new audience.

Note: This “authority” status is perceived by your audience (even if you’re just a beginner) because you’re putting yourself out there. “If Bob speaks about health and fitness, Bob is therefore an expert on the topic.”

This allows more sales in the both short term and the long term.

In fact, here were my “short term” test results on this process…


… Which shows a 59% increase in immediate sales (not counting the value-packed follow-up sequence), just by sending them to some valuable free content first.

(And this is why I teach this strategy to my more committed coaching clients and Online Income Masterclass members.)

Sure – it’s a little more difficult and complex, but you’ll often get much better results.

So in short…

If you want to generate money in the easiest way possible and don’t really want massive results (or the ability to scale quickly), then simply redirect your new subscribers directly to your main paid offer, being sure to persuade the remaining prospects to buy via your follow-up sequence.

However – if you want to earn much more money from your short-term “impulse” sales and long-term follow-up sequence (just from spending an extra 3-7 days creating the content), then always provide free guidance in the form of a video tutorial (video is best for building authority status and trust) before recommending a paid offer to them.

As always, it’s all about standing out in the crowd and helping your audience with their problems.

To your success!
- James Francis.

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