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The Downward Spiral Of "Flavor Of The Month" Marketing

Every few months, there seems to be a new product launched in the "internet marketing"/"make money online" industry which leads people astray with their online business into a brand new trap to delay their success even further...

Just recently it was selling services to offline businesses, then it was selling WSOs, then it was selling t-shirts via TeeSpring, then it was selling high-ticket offers, now it's selling products on Amazon... And the onslaught of new strategies will continue forever more.

Does this mean that the methods don't work? Of course not!

They ALL work - but as with every business model, ONLY if you stick to it for the long-term.

Now as I care about my audience's results, let me be candid with you...

If you continue switching from one business model to the next, you will NOT "stumble" upon something which suddenly works for you overnight. You will only drive your net profit further and further into the ground as you start again from scratch, over and over again.

(It's the equivalent of buying a store in the offline world, then forgetting about it to buy another one - over and over again. You'd soon be broke!)

Instead, a successful business is built through following one proven strategy month after month, year after year - generating a few results, then building on those results through continuous improvement - not going from zero to $100k overnight.

Read that part again more slowly and really take it in, as it's important...

A successful business is built through following one proven strategy month after month, year after year - generating a few results, then building on those results through continuous improvement.

So make a decision right now and commit to it...

Which ONE business model do you want to dedicate the rest of your life to?

Make a decision now, then turn off the shiny object syndrome, put on the blinkers to ignore everything else, and keep building on your results until you hit $10k per month.

And if you feel you need some accountability, leave a comment below with your commitment.

Have a great weekend!
- James Francis.

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6 Responses

  1. Hi James,

    That is why 95% of the beginners in Internet Marketing fail, because they keep chasing the next promising offer to make a bundle of money, and don't focus on just one business model

    I hope that beginners reading your post take your advice. In doing so they will see results like I have seen following your coaching program, The Online Income Masterclass.

    Have a nice weekend
    - Frank

  2. Great post James.

    I agree 100% sticking to one method until successful with it, is one of the keys of online success. I struggled too in the past buying into the shiny objects and never following through deep enough on one system to actually make some decent money. But now I ignore all the shiny objects and emails promoting offer after offer and focus on my primary business model.

    My SUPER interpretation of F.O.C.U.S, Follow One Course Until Successful 😉

  3. Hey James, even though most of us know this, it's kind of odd that we don't do it. As of now I plan to follow this common sense strategy from here on out. And,by the way, thanks for yet another wise piece of advice.

  4. Hey James,

    Its interesting you mentioned that, because even though I have all the training I need (Six Figure Shortcut+Online Income Masterclass), I still somehow find a way to get caught up into watching the latest sales videos, and reading sales letters.

    What is even more interesting is that last year I created a free PDF, audio and video talking about this exact thing, called it The Newbie Mistake. Which just gave me an idea. Thanks for the inspiration man.

    Enjoy your weekend,

  5. I agree 100% people are like Charlie on 2 in a half men instead of jumping from one girl to the next it is one business model to the next:)

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