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Fake It Until You Make It?

One of the most common questions I get asked by my students on a weekly basis is...

"James, if I'm just starting out, how can I preach that I'm the expert? Do I just 'fake it until I make it'?"

The short answer is a gigantic NO - as that would by lying, and pretending to be something you're not.

In fact, you should do something even easier (and much more fun - and legal) than that.

Let me explain...

People aren't looking for the best expert in the industry, they just want someone to help them solve their current problem(s).

You don't need to be a multi-millionaire. You don't need to have been helping people for several years. You don't need to have a flashy traffic-pulling website. You don't even need to be the 'master' of your chosen niche.

As long as you can help solve their problems, they'll instantly see you as an expert in their eyes - even if you're just starting out.

So again, you don't need to claim you're making a bunch of money if you're still yet to make your first $1000 online.

Sidenote: If you still haven't made your first $1000 online and you're saying you have done (i.e. lying), that's probably the reason WHY you haven't. People aren't stupid, and can always see through the lies. Trust me, I've saw many people fall flat on their face when doing this.

Just follow this crucial guidance...

Be yourself and be honest.

If you're honest, people won't mind if you're just starting out. Heck, most people prefer to connect with (and learn from) those on the same "level" as themselves - meaning you'll often get more results because of it.

Maybe you could use the angle of, "I've struggled for many years online, bought and tried many products which didn't work, and I'm now blogging my journey to making my first $10,000 online - so you can duplicate my success".

Just show them that you've been through the same problems they have (even if you're still at that stage), and you're now becoming the shining light to solve their problems.

That always works a lot better than simply lying about your accomplishments and having to create excuse after excuse (which always come back to haunt you in the end anyway).

Also, if you just be yourself, people will prefer that over you pretending to be someone else. There's nothing worse than watching someone trying their hardest to put on a false act. Plus it's exhausting to do anyway!

Instead, show your true personality, including your likes, dislikes, humor, and goals. Give your audience something to connect with and relate to.

When you do all these things, you'll instantly strike a chord with your audience, making them trust you more - resulting in greater results from them.

I hope this has cleared up a massive (and all too common) mistake most people make when just starting out online.

In short - don't fake anything. Just be honest and be yourself, then your audience will love you for it and respond better to your marketing as a result.

Have a great weekend!
- James Francis.

P.S. Any questions? Please leave a comment in the comments section below 🙂

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