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Within a sales funnel, the download page (or “thank you page”) is often the most overlooked part of the process, but if optimized correctly, can easily double the profitability of your sales funnel.

In fact, this is so often done completely wrong, that most marketers are not only missing out on subscriber responsiveness and retention (how active they are on your list), but also a ton of sales, too.

Here’s what the average download page looks like…


Download link

Banner advertisement
Banner advertisement
Banner advertisement
Banner advertisement
Banner advertisement
Banner advertisement
Banner advertisement
Banner advertisement
… and so on.

So as you can see, it’s nothing special – and with that layout, you’ll be lucky to make any sales at all.

Instead, there are 3 main ways to make a ton more sales from monetizing your download page effectively…

#1 – Keep Your Advertisements To 3 At The Maximum

The more choice you give a prospect, the less responsive they’ll be to any of them.

After all, a confused prospect never buys.

See, when you recommend fewer products, they see them as just that – a recommendation.

But when you have millions of banners for all kinds of different products, your integrity (and therefore their trust for you) goes right out the window, meaning they’ll often leave the page with a bitter opinion about you.

After all, their thought process will be “Surely he/she can’t have reviewed ALL of these products for me? Do they want me to buy ALL of them? He/She is just like the rest of these marketers clogging up my email inbox every day.”

Here’s a much better way to do this…

Only show 3 (yes, three!) advertisement banners for your best converting offers (either affiliate offers and/or your own) at the very maximum.

This is a great number, as it gives the prospect just enough choice (before getting bored and leaving the page), and keeps your integrity (and their trust in you) intact for the future.

From a statistics perspective, this will increase the amount of clicks on your banners/offers, and thus increase the amount of sales you make as a result.

But if you want to make this process even more effective, you should also…

#2 – Link Your Advertisement To The Free Gift

When done right, this can triple the amount of clicks on your banners, and almost double your conversion rates on the offers themselves (like it has done for me in the past).

It’s all about linking the offer you’re advertising to what they’ve already opted in to receive.

After all, they’ve already proven their interest in the topic by reaching the download page to grab it, so they’ll be just as interested in anything closely related to it.

So that’s your job – to make the offer seem as closely related (and complimentary) to the free gift as possible.

For example…

If you’re giving them a free product on website creation, recommend an offer which will tell them how to get traffic to their newly-created website.

If you’re giving them a free list building guide, recommend an offer which tells them how to treat and manage their new email list.

In one of my own sales funnels, I give away a free squeeze page. Then on the download page, I say… “Here’s How To Get Unlimited Targeted
Traffic That You Can Direct To Your Squeeze Pages…”, then follow it with a banner for a traffic generation product.

See how we’re linking the two together?

This is by far the BEST way to boost clicks and conversions on your download page offers.

#3 – Show Your Personal Branding

The truth is, most download pages are pretty boring, and don’t usually include any kind of information about the creator.

This means the subscriber simply visits the page, downloads their product, and doesn’t even remember who they downloaded it from.

Instead, create a short “talking head” video introduction (i.e. you just talking to the camera) for the free gift, welcoming them into the download area – and if necessary, showing them how to use it.

This may only be a 2-5 minute video, but it will ensure your new subscribers actually remember you, and will have a better chance of responding to your emails amongst their cluttered inbox.

But if you really don’t have the confidence to show yourself on camera (and you’re not ready to conquer that fear yet!), a few paragraphs explaining the above topics will still be better than nothing.

Implement just this one tip, and you’ll see your subscribers’ response rates to your emails go through the roof.

The Final Outcome…

So instead, here’s what your more effective download page should look like…


“Talking head” video or text introduction to the promised free gift

Download link

Sub-Headline Linking Free Gift To Recommended Product #1

Banner advertisement

Sub-Headline Linking Free Gift To Recommended Product #2

Banner advertisement

Sub-Headline Linking Free Gift To Recommended Product #3

Banner advertisement

So the next time you create a download page, keep these proven strategies in mind – and you’ll be sure to make a heck of a lot more money as a result 🙂

Talk soon!
- James Francis.

P.S. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below!

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