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Do You Need An Education To Build A Successful Online Business?

Whether you’re just getting started with your online business or if you’re a seasoned expert, you’ll know there’s a massive learning curve.

With so many different aspects of the industry to look at, and so much information to take in, it’s no wonder why people don’t make ANY profit from their online business for their first 2 years or so.

But the true question is…

“Do you really need a full education to build a successful online business?”

After all, many of the most successful business people in the world built their entire empires on just a basic high school education

Great examples include Richard Branson, Simon Cowell, Abraham Lincoln, Tom Anderson (MySpace), Thomas Edison, Bob Proctor, Andrew Carnegie, Walt Disney, Benjamin Franklin, Coco Chanel, Henry Ford, and more.

… Yes! They all succeeded without a college degree!

Without knowing this information at the time, I thought it would be a great idea to apply to Portsmouth University (in the United Kingdom) for a degree in Marketing, in September 2009.

What can I say, I thought the information in the course would definitely help me grow my business…

… But I was wrong.

Without getting into a huge debate about the education system…

  1. The information I was taught was all theory (without any practical application)
  2. The information wasn’t useful
  3. The information was outdated

In all honesty, I didn’t learn anything which would actually help me, and the next year’s schedule didn’t tell me anything would change – so I quit after 9 months.

… And now I’m lumbered with a £7,000 invoice (about $11,373 USD) from a one year’s failed attempt at a supposedly “great” education.

(Can you imagine the results you’d get if you were to spend that money on advertising?)

But this isn’t just related to the university which I attended. In fact, it was a great university.

Most (if not ALL) of the people I’ve spoke to in the same situation have said the exact same thing – they didn’t benefit from the information they were taught in their “formal” education.

After all, how much of the information you were taught in school do you actually remember and use on a daily basis?

… I’m guessing it’s less than 20%.

That’s why the information industry (i.e. what we’re in right now) is so beneficial – because you create your own education, specifying in the areas you choose to learn about.

Would you like to learn about web design? No worries – just Google it!

Would you like to learn about getting traffic to your website! There’s an app a product for that!

(Apple has nothing on these slogans 😀 )

And yes – you do need to actually learn about those areas.

If you think you can walk into any industry without any knowledge about it and make your first $100,000 paycheck right off the bat, you’re mistaken.

(… or brainwashed by all the crap products out there)

Put it this way – would you honestly start a new job in mechanical engineering if you knew nothing about machines?

No – because that’s not how the world works.

You’d learn about the topic first, then apply the information you’ve learnt, and become an expert in it.

… The same goes for Internet Marketing.

Although, you don’t need a “formal” education through college or university to start making money online.

Here’s all you need:

  1. A good understanding of the English language (reading and writing)
  2. A small budget to get started (we’re talking less than $50 for everything you need)
  3. The right knowledge in your chosen area

… Because you don’t need an education in everything to be successful online.

(Heck, I know nothing about SEO, fancy video editing, or complicated website design)

All you need to do is choose one area of Internet Marketing, perfect that area until you’re making good money with it, then move onto the next area.

There’s a ton of choice, including…

Making money with YouTube, Facebook, blogging, selling information products, flipping websites, creating software, social media, CPA marketing, and more!

… But just choose one, then stick to it relentlessly.

For example, when I first started out, I used what little talent I had (basic web design) to learn about squeeze pages and sales pages.

Once I’d learned the basics of them, I worked as a freelancer, creating squeeze pages and sales pages for other people in return for a small amount of cash (and I still do it now, if the profit is good enough).

I then became an expert in them (apparently), and then created information products about them.

So in other words, you need to…

Choose one area –> Learn about it –> Implement it –> Become the expert

… It’s that simple.

Talk soon!
- James.

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