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Desperate For Money? Here’s What You Need To Do…

Updated 10th April, 2013

The truth is, most people stumble upon the “make money online” industry because they’re either:

  1. In dire straits and desperately need to make money quickly, or
  2. In a lot of debt which needs to be paid off as soon as possible

And even though they arrive with good hopes, they buy course after course and get no results whatsoever, which only makes their situation worse.

And because this is such a common occurrence, I want to help you.

Just read this tutorial, take action on every item as soon as possible, and you WILL make a better life for yourself and your family. I guarantee it.

So let’s begin…

Step #1 – Fix The Source Of The Problem

In all kinds of negative situations, it’s easy to worry – and that’s completely natural.

But that worry often clouds your vision of how to solve the situation, and your ability to make the right decisions.

So before you begin, the best thing you can do is to breathe slowly, count to 10, and calm down – and figure out exactly what got you into your current negative situation.

After all, the LAST thing you need is the same situation happening again!

(Plus, we don’t want it to happen again when you’ve just made some progress)

  • Maybe you were spending more than you were earning?
  • Maybe you weren’t keeping track of your outgoing bills efficiently enough?
  • Maybe you weren’t aware of how much money you owed?

Just find that reason for why you got into your situation, and put measures in place to solve it.

After all, you can’t build a solid, dependable income on short-term goals.

Helpful Tip: To give you some “breathing space”, you can phone your credit card company and ask them to reduce your monthly payments – as they’ll often agree to it (them receiving some money is better than no money), and this will ease your current stress significantly.

The quickest way to create an extra boost in your income is to cut back on your spending, and only buy the necessities.

It may sound boring and extremely annoying (and you may not want to do it) – but your situation is only going to get worse if you carry on spending too much.

Remember, desperate situations need desperate measures.

Analyze your spending and make a plan to cut back as much as possible on everything you spend, which you don’t need (e.g. Netflix, coffee trips, snacks, etc).

The more honest you are about it, the more you’ll save, which you can put towards paying off whatever is dragging you down.

However annoying it may be, it works – and if you do this before you start implementing the strategies within the rest of this tutorial, you’ll be well on your way to becoming financially free.

And once you’re “above water”, you can concentrate fully on building your long-term income stream.

Step #2 – Make Extra Money (Here’s How)

Once you’ve minimized the amount of money going out, you need to increase the amount of money coming in, so you can pay off your overdue bills and start clearing your debt.

The best strategies to generate quick cash online involve selling services – as you’ll often get paid very quickly, and you don’t need to do any kind of preparation beforehand (creating any kind of fancy website, building a list of subscribers, etc).

After all, you don’t have the time to create a product of your own, right?

So to get started, you need to write down what you’re good at, and see if there’s a service you can provide based on your talents.

And even if you believe you’re not very good at anything whatsoever, write down what you know a lot of information about.

  • Maybe you’re good at writing?
  • Maybe you’re good at creating squeeze pages or sales funnels?
  • Maybe you’re good at setting up and using WordPress?
  • Maybe you’re good at chatting on social media website?

Once you have this list of services you can offer, you need to use them to your advantage.

But before we go on, you must remember that an extreme situation requires extreme action, so you must actually implement them quickly if you want to get fast results (if you’re in dire straits, you may have no choice but to get started immediately).

This is the easiest strategy you need to use…


Alternatively, create an account on, fill in your profile as much as possible according to your talents, and apply for projects posted by other business owners.

Note: One of my students is making at least $100 per day from this strategy alone!

(Plus, it’s exactly how I made my first money online, too.)

And after you’ve made money with either of these strategies (and you will, if done right), it’s time to multiply it into something more…

Step #3 – Creating Long-Term Wealth

Once you have that extra money, you must be very careful what you do with it – as most people screw up at this stage.

Instead of spending it ALL on yourself or paying the bills, there’s a more effective way of using it to create more money with less effort…

… Spend half of the money on yourself and paying your bills, then re-invest the other half back into growing your business.

Maybe re-investing it into…

  • Advertising / traffic
  • A website
  • Education
  • SEO services (for yourself)
  • Access to a proven-to-work training course
  • … Or anything else which will create a long-term income for yourself!

That way, you’re fixing your problem by paying the bills, and also creating a profitable future for yourself – instead of spending all the money on other things and being taken back to square one again.

Final Words

If you follow the above three steps and implement them exactly, you will get yourself out of your current situation.

Many of my other students have done before, and you can too.

Just be proactive, take action, and be unstoppable.

Let me know how you get on 🙂

Good luck!
- James Francis.

P.S. Has this tutorial helped you? Or do you know someone who would benefit from this information? Feel free to send your friends a link to this page.

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