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Collaborating With The Competition

It can seem a lonely life when starting your online journey to riches…

Too much to learn with an infinite number of products, strategies and systems to choose from…

Too many marketers “talking” to you by email but nobody having a conversation…

Too many ideas buzzing around in your head but with no clear idea of which direction you should take…

You’re often left wondering how anybody ever gets anything done!

And although you may see all these other marketers as your competition, the truth is, the information marketing / “internet marketing” industry is less focused on competition, but more focused on collaboration.

Let me explain…

With so many marketers being affiliates, they rely on other marketers to create high quality, fast selling products for them to promote. Without these other marketers creating products (and also doing affiliate marketing themselves), the affiliate marketers wouldn’t have anything to promote.

This is a prime example of how people in this industry actually work together on a daily basis, unlike many other industries where companies work against each other.

Similarly, if you aren’t sure where to go next, you could be left feeling paralyzed by all the information and conflicting guidance out there.

The obvious answer is to find yourself a mentor who has already taken the journey and knows what works.

Again, in this case, you’re working with your competition to help each other get better results.

So if you’re someone who currently sees the market as a vast ocean of people to compete against – drop that mindset immediately, as this really isn’t the case – and it will really restrict the amount of progress you make in your business.

Instead, see them as potential friends and business partners who can help you get more results.

Find others who have skills you don’t, and learn from them.

Ask other people what’s currently working for them.

Contact potential affiliates to build a relationship, often resulting in them promoting your product.

Network with other marketers to get better deals on solo ads and other traffic.

Offer services in return for undertaking a specific task.

Team up to create a specific product utilizing each other’s skills.

… The possibilities are pretty much endless.

But where do you find other marketers?

Answer: They’re all around you!

  • In the comments section of this blog you’re currently reading.
  • In Skype chat rooms
  • Popular Internet Marketing forums such as the Warrior Forum
  • Join other marketers’ email lists and reply to their emails with insightful comments
  • … And just about anywhere else your fellow marketers spend their time!

In short…

Get out and about, from the comfort of home, and get to know other people.

Then utilize those relationships to help each other get more results.

Without following this exact same process myself, I wouldn’t be seeing the success I am today.

Get started right away, and let me know how it goes for you 🙂

Talk soon!
- James Francis.

P.S. Do you have any experiences to share? I want to hear them! Leave a comment below…

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