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ClickFunnels Review - Hunt For The Best Sales Funnel Creation Software

So far in this series, we've reviewed 3 different pieces of software which create profitable sales funnel pages.

While they all allow you to create beautiful, high-converting pages, there's one thing missing - the entire sales funnel process.

After all, it's often super confusing for most beginners to link them all together properly!

That's where ClickFunnels comes in. It's more focused on helping you create the entire sales funnel, instead of just a random page here and there.

Click the play button below to watch the final review in this new series, and see whether ClickFunnels really lives up to the hype...

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See you soon!
- James Francis.

P.S. Missed the first four videos? No worries! Feel free to watch the first video here, watch the second video here, watch the third video here, and watch the fourth video here.

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4 Responses

    1. I'm curious as to why you haven't considered reviewing Landing Page Monkey. It has all the potential of the other ones you have reviewed which require a monthly payment etc

      However LPM is a one time payment of $37 which is by far the best option out there for beginners and the experienced marketer.

      1. Good question Carlos! One thing you'll learn in business is that you get what you pay for. So if you're only paying $37 one-time to the company, how can they afford to hire programmers to fix the bugs and add new features?

        I've also seen a lot of pages created by that software, and they either look super unprofessional or they have a bug with the scrollbar appearing on the right side, making 2 scrollbars appear on the page - which is super confusing to your visitors and will lower your results massively.

        Plus, they have a very limited amount of page templates available, and they don't have the flexibility that the other software solutions I've reviewed have.

        So overall, there's a reason why it's only $37 - because the software is nowhere near as good as its competitors.

        I hope this helps 🙂

        Have a great day!
        - James.

  1. This was a fantastic review. The software looks very easy to use and very robust. I really like that it shows CTR and Opt-It rates right on the navigation menu of the sales funnel! That's a huge bonus.
    The price, as you point out, is rather high, and although I agree on the view of this being an investment, it is more likely something I would consider moving to after I've started bringing money in and have a bit more to invest. I need to keep costs low so I can be sure I can get the ball rolling.

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