How To Create A Video Intro

Creating a video intro (or “logo reveal” video) is the difference between having a professional-looking video course, or one which your customers see as “average”.

And even though many people think it’s too difficult or technical for them to do, that’s really not the case. Heck, even a complete “computer newbie” could make an awesome video intro for themselves.

(That’s how I’m able to have a different one for each of my information products)

Watch this video tutorial to see how just how easily it’s done…

Screencast Videos – Explained!

Screencast Videos Explained

Last week, I did an entire LIVE coaching session for my Online Income Masterclass members, teaching them everything about creating effective videos in general, without being an expert.

Now obviously because of them being loyal, paying customers – I can’t show you everything from that coaching session, unless you’re a member too.

But here’s a valuable section taken straight from that coaching session, showing you all my secrets about creating awesome Screencast videos.

It’s 11 minutes 23 seconds long, and the strategies you’ll learn are worth every second.

Watch it in this video tutorial below…

How To Create Awesome Videos

When you’re first getting started, it’s easy to think it’s too difficult or expensive to create professional videos…

But the truth is, you can get started today with the right knowledge.

Hit the play button below to see “behind the scenes” of how I create my own videos (100% content!)…