How Much You Should Charge For Digital Products (Test Results!)

What Price Should You Charge?

When starting your online business it can be difficult to know what price to charge for your digital products and services.

After all, if you overcharge, you're going to get lackluster sales and unhappy customers, but if you undercharge, you're going to go out of business pretty quickly.

So what's the best price?

In this video you'll discover what pricing strategies have worked best for me and my clients, spanning over 8 figures in revenue in over 20 different niches...

The 9.72% Front-End Offer Conversion Rate Trick

The 9.72% Conversion Rate Trick

Right now we're getting a 9.72% conversion rate for the paid offer at the very beginning of our sales funnel.

In other words, 9.72% of cold prospects become customers, having never heard of us before.

(That's pretty good, considering the average conversion rate is around 1-2% for a $27 offer!)

Here's the one trick we're using to get these results, along with some proof of these wild claims too...

The Prosperity Process - How To Make Sales In An Authentic Way

The Prosperity Process

Do you ever find yourself selling your awesome products as hard as you can, but still end up making no sales?

And when you do, you feel so much like a slimey salesperson that you feel like taking a shower afterwards?

Or worse, you DO end up making sales but then your customers refund afterwards because they felt pushed into it?

The truth is, you don't need to feel slimey or pushy when making sales.

Over the last 8+ years, we've perfected a Solution Selling System that doesn't actually feel like selling, because it's done in an authentic way.

Better yet, you'll actually get better results from using it too, as people will naturally want to buy from you instead of feeling pressured into it.

Here's how it works...

The Top 5 Best-Selling Digital Products

Products That Sell The Best

Do you sometimes find yourself moving from one shiny object to another, in the hope that the new method will be the one that "cracks the code" and makes the profit you're looking for?

If you do, you may be overcomplicating things!

The rule to easily making a profit online is this...

"A profit is made in your online business when your prospects buy a solution for a problem they have."

We've already talked about how to find out what people want, so now we just need to find out which solution to sell to people.

This solution could be anything, but if you don't want to have boxes piled up in your living room, digital products and services are the most profitable way of doing this.

In fact nowadays, we only sell digital stuff, and here's why:

  1. They are delivered automatically, so there's no time-consuming delivery process required.
  2. You create them once, and can be sold over and over again.
  3. They have virtually zero costs involved.

... Along with many other reasons which create a reliable, stress-free, and profitable online business.

But not all products are created equal.

There are 5 types of products that are always in demand...

5 Different Ways To Price Your Product


One of the best ways to increase your conversion rates on your products is to test different prices.

After all, some people may not think your product is as valuable as you do, OR they may think it sounds more valuable than the price you're charging, so surely something must be wrong with it.

So here are 5 different ways to price your product...

ClickFunnels Review - Hunt For The Best Sales Funnel Creation Software

ClickFunnels Review - The Hunt For The Best Sales Funnel Creation Software

So far in this series, we've reviewed 3 different pieces of software which create profitable sales funnel pages.

While they all allow you to create beautiful, high-converting pages, there's one thing missing - the entire sales funnel process.

After all, it's often super confusing for most beginners to link them all together properly!

That's where ClickFunnels comes in. It's more focused on helping you create the entire sales funnel, instead of just a random page here and there.

So watch the final review in this new series now, and see whether ClickFunnels really lives up to the hype...

OptimizePress Review - Hunt For The Best Sales Funnel Creation Software

OptimizePress Review – Hunt For The Best Sales Funnel Creation Software

What do most experts who sell digital products have in common?

A LOT of them use OptimizePress. So naturally, I was curious... Is it really that good?

I decided to find out in this video, where I reveal how easy it is to edit the pages, show you some examples of the templates, and much more.

Click the play button below to watch the fourth video in this brand new series now...