Black Friday Live Stream

How To Profit From Black Friday (Plus Free Templates!)

Black Friday! The time of year when people go crazy and buy everything they can get their hands on 🤪

Last year, consumers spent over $7.9 billion in online purchases on Black Friday...

But how do you get a slice of that action in YOUR online business?

Watch this free live stream where I'll give you 3 "fill in the blanks" templates (no opt-in required) to send to your email list and/or social media followers, along with my tried and tested ways to profit this Black Friday - or any other special occasion!

Go Here To Download The "Fill In The Blanks" Templates

- James Francis.

Black Friday Live Stream

Finding Profitable Niches LIVE!

I've had a lot of coaching clients ask me about finding profitable niches lately, so I decided to present a free live stream showing exactly how we uncover new niches for an online business, analyze their profitability and create a marketing plan for them.

Here's the recording...

- James Francis.

Product Launch Checklist

Product Launch Checklist

Product launches are a great way to get a huge influx of cash in a short time period from your new product…

And even though there are more products being launched every day in this industry than ever before, they still work amazingly if you have all the right components in place.

As I’ve been gearing up for my Done For You Commissions launch next week, I’ve decided to give you my personal checklist for a successful product launch.

Use it wisely…

The Product:

  • Must be finished before the launch process begins
  • Between 1-3 upsells and/or downsells
  • Must deliver good value to minimize refunds
  • Members area (WordPress & Wishlist Member), or simple HTML-based download area

The Offer:

  • Professional-looking sales page
  • Sales copy written by a copywriter
  • Minimum sales page conversion rate of at least $0.80 EPC for affiliates (including upsells)

Payment System:

  • JVZoo, Clickbank or WarriorPlus (for WSOs only)
  • Preferably instant commissions
  • If you don’t use one of the above (although you should), ensure it has capabilities to pay affiliate commissions
  • Test the whole customer order process – including accessing the product and upsells

Affiliate Invite Page:

  • Launch date & time
  • Information about the product
  • Proof of conversions
  • The sales funnel structure (upsells, downsells, commission %, etc)
  • Optional: Launch prizes
  • Optional: Reciprocation proof
  • Opt-in form for affiliate email list

Affiliate Tools Page:

  • Introduction & welcome
  • Pre-written email copy
  • Banner graphics
  • Sales page preview
  • Contact details

Affiliate Recruitment:

  • Listings on top affiliate notification websites (,, etc)
  • Spreadsheet of top affiliates to contact and progress so far
  • Email, Skype and call the top affiliates
  • Don’t be pushy – be friendly and build relationships
  • Be proactive & confident
  • Optional: Affiliate manager

Affiliate Follow-Up:

  • Give encouragement to promote
  • Launch progress so far
  • Check if they need anything

Feel free to print this page to check you have all the necessary elements in place.

I hope you’ve found this information valuable, as these steps are the foundations of running a successful product launch!

Talk soon!
- James Francis.

P.S. Have any questions on any of the above? Leave a comment below...