How Much Money Did I Earn From A Self-Published Best-Selling Book?

Here's How Much I Earned From A Self-Published Best-Selling Book

I recently self-published my own book, which later became a best seller in the category of "e-commerce".

In this video, I'm going to show you exactly how much money my book earned and some tips for earning the most money possible when self-publishing your own book.

After watching the video, visit to see how to maximize your own profit.

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- James Francis.
Founder & CEO, Digital Prosperity.

The Dangers Of Using PLR Content

The Dangers Of Using PLR Content

Have you ever considered using PLR (Private Label Rights) content as your own?

Watch this first!

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- James Francis.
Founder & CEO, Digital Prosperity.

Price VS Value

Price VS Value - Should You Give Away Your Best Stuff For Cheap?

If you've ever been guilty of withholding "the good stuff" from people in your content, watch this quick tutorial to skyrocket your sales...

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- James Francis.
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Products That Sell The Best

The Top 5 Best-Selling Digital Products

Do you sometimes find yourself moving from one shiny object to another, in the hope that the new method will be the one that "cracks the code" and makes the profit you're looking for?

If you do, you may be overcomplicating things!

The rule to easily making a profit online is this...

"A profit is made in your online business when your prospects buy a solution for a problem they have."

We've already talked about how to find out what people want, so now we just need to find out which solution to sell to people.

This solution could be anything, but if you don't want to have boxes piled up in your living room, digital products and services are the most profitable way of doing this.

In fact nowadays, we only sell digital stuff, and here's why:

  1. They are delivered automatically, so there's no time-consuming delivery process required.
  2. You create them once, and can be sold over and over again.
  3. They have virtually zero costs involved.

... Along with many other reasons which create a reliable, stress-free, and profitable online business.

But not all products are created equal.

There are 5 types of products that are always in demand:

1) Software

ProgrammingMost of your prospects see software as a "one click" solution for their problems, which is the next best thing to everything being done for them.

For example, the software could automatically post updates to your social media accounts on a set schedule, create professional videos, or pretty much anything else you can think of.

It also removes the element of human error, so they don't need to have as much trust in you to say "yes!" to purchasing from you.

The only downside is that is requires a lot of effort to create. Whether you have the coding skills yourself OR you outsource it to a programmer, it's going to take time and money to get it created. And even then, there are usually pesky bugs to fix.

However if you have the budget and time available to create it yourself or outsource it to a professional, this type of solution will always sell amazingly well due to it being seen as the "magic bullet".

2) Video Courses

Video RecordingThis type of solution is our favorite, as our customers can see exactly what they need to do (live on screen), while being taught the reasons why. This means they often understand the strategies a lot better, instead of just relying on a piece of software - which usually leads to better results.

Not only that, but because people are listening to your personality (and possibly watching you if you're presenting on-screen), you'll find that people who purchase your video courses are more likely to know, like and trust you - which leads to them buying more of your other products compared to any other type of solution.

The length of the video course will vary depending on the price you'd like to charge for it, but you're usually looking at around 3-4 hours of content for a $27 price if you want to create a satisfied customer.

However the value you provide within the videos is usually what matters most - not how long each video lasts for. So just help people as much as possible, then the length becomes less important.

3) A "Done For Them" Solution

serviceWhen people have the choice, they usually choose a solution which requires the least amount of effort on their part.

People always follow the path of least resistance.

That's why your prospects will usually go crazy over a solution where their problem is solved FOR them by someone else.

This includes templates or resources they can "copy and paste" themselves, like proven sales funnels, email templates, child behavior charts, motivational posters, and similar...

... And also premium services where an expert does all the hard work for them, including website set-up services, traffic generation, in-person dog training, and similar.

(Want to get your profitable website and sales funnel set up FOR you by our team of experts? Learn more here.)

Although these types of solutions sell the best, they do require the most work and aren't that scalable due to the amount of manual labor required from you.

However this is easily solved by increasing the price and/or hiring other people to run the service for you. Just do the math to make sure you'll still make a profit after paying any staff.

4) A PDF E-Book/Guide

TypingPDF e-books are a digital version of a hardcover book, teaching a topic with step-by-step instructions.

They used to sell like hotcakes when they were brand new to the industry, and people would have no issue paying $97 for a 50-100 page e-book.

But nowadays, the market is shifting more towards video courses and more interactive solutions, rendering e-books to the bargain bucket.

That's why you'll struggle to sell an e-book for above $10 nowadays, with the ideal price point being $7.

(So if you're currently trying to sell an e-book for above $10, you'd be better off teaching that knowledge in a video course instead.)

Because of this low price point, they're perfect as an entry point to your online business's sales funnel, to change the relationship from a prospect into a customer - making it easier to sell your main (or "flagship") products.

5) Audio Interviews

Audio InterviewIf you're just starting out in your niche and don't have a lot of knowledge about your prospects' problems, you can find other people that do.

Simply ask them if they'd like to be interviewed over Skype, then sell the recordings in a bundle.

If you're wondering, "why would people give up their time to be interviewed by me?", there are a few reasons...

  1. Being interviewed by somebody positions you as an authority figure, so it's going to boost the interviewee's celebrity status in their niche.
  2. At the end of the interview, the interviewees get to explain where the customers can learn more about them, which is a great way for them to get new customers for free.
  3. It's often a fun experience!

So there's usually as much of a benefit for the person you're interviewing as there is for you.

These 5 solutions aren't the ONLY types of solutions out there, but they've always outperformed the rest in our experience.

Want Some Help With Creating Your Own Product?

Now you know the most profitable types of products you should create in your online business, the next step is to create one.

This can be pretty daunting for a beginner due to it being so easy to have your product become a complete flop if you don't follow the correct steps.

So if you'd like me to personally guide you through this entire process and guarantee you a $10,000 NET profit, click here to learn more.

Or if you'd like to go through all the effort without knowing if your product is going to sell or not, feel free to move forward with your choice from the above five products. Either way, always remember to use one of the above five formats, as they will get the best results from your hard work.


5 Different Ways To Price Your Product

One of the best ways to increase your conversion rates on your products is to test different prices.

After all, some people may not think your product is as valuable as you do, OR they may think it sounds more valuable than the price you're charging, so surely something must be wrong with it. You have to strike that careful balance.

So here are 5 different ways to price your product...

1) One-time price

This is the most common way business owners price their products.

It's a pretty popular price for the customers, as just the one payment will give access to the product or service for life.

2) Recurring price

Most often associated with a membership (or "continuity") program, the customer purchases the product knowing they're entering a subscription, which usually bills them the same amount on a monthly basis. They can cancel at any time by contacting your support desk or customer support email address.

Because of the ongoing price, it's best to use this type of pricing strategy with a product that provides ongoing value.

For example, Netflix is always updating their archive of movies and TV shows, so they charge a monthly fee for that ongoing value.

So if you're selling a members area where content is being added to it regularly, along with a community or support group of some kind, it's probably best you use a recurring price which matches the amount of value you're providing to people.

3) Split payment

Another less-known pricing strategy to use is the split payment plan. This is essentially two payments of the same amount, usually one month apart.

The main benefits of using this are that your customers can access the product straight away at half the price to begin with, making it more affordable for people.

However, I've sometimes found that just simply adding the same price you'd charge for the one-time payment to another payment next month increases the total profit - without affecting the initial conversion rates too much.

So for example, if you usually charge a one-time price of $97 for your video course, try turning the price into two payments of $97, one month apart. You may be able to massively increase your profit without any extra effort.

Or, for more expensive products or services, I'd recommend adding a split payment option to the sales page. We do this for our Done For You Prosperity sales funnel set-up service, and have increased the profit on that offer massively because of it.

4) Payment plan

For more premium ("mid-ticket" and "high-ticket") offers, it's always worth offering a payment plan.

However, this strategy is at its most powerful when offered as a downsell to the original price.

So in other words, you should only offer the payment plan when people say they are interested in buying the product but can't physically afford the full price upfront.

By asking them what monthly amount would be comfortable for them, you can create a monthly payment plan that suits them - which is going to be tough for them to turn down as they helped you to create the deal.

Just be sure that when you're creating a payment plan, you don't end up with customers still owing you money after the program has finished or the service has been delivered, otherwise they lose the incentive to continue their payments.

5) Trial period

Sometimes you'll have a great product or service, but it seems like a big commitment upfront and people are a little timid about it.

For example, entering into a monthly subscription for a monthly membership program can be a little daunting, as they imagine themselves being stuck into the contract forever (even though they can cancel at any time). This is why conversion rates are typically lower for ongoing membership programs.

So to overcome this resistance, you can offer a free or $1 trial before the main subscription begins.

In our business, we offer a 30-day free trial for our Digital Prosperity Insiders program, which allows people to go through the initial content and see what the program is all about before committing to anything long-term.

Although, this strategy only works when you're delivering immense value upfront, so it'll make people feel like it's a no-brainer to continue receiving this kind of content for the relatively small monthly price they'll be paying.

Another place to use this strategy is within your upsell sequence, after your customers purchase your front-end product.

As they haven't yet had time to go through the main product, it's going to be difficult to get them to buy another information-based product at that point.

So we overcome this by offering a free 3-day trial for our Facebook Ads workshop, then they pay one payment of $97 if they decide to keep it. This gives them 3 days to check out everything before committing to anything, which lowers their resistance to saying "yes!" to the unexpected offer within the upsell sequence.

Using all these pricing strategies in your online business is sure to make a huge impact on your sales, as it's often just a small tweak that creates the biggest wins.

However, if you're unsure which pricing strategy to use, I'd recommend setting up a split test to see which works best for each product. This will tell you which resonates best with your audience, and therefore which makes you the most overall profit.

Have a great day!
- James Francis.

P.S. Which of these pricing strategies have you tried for YOUR products? Let me know in the comments section below!

Get Testimonials

How To Get Testimonials For Your New Product

After you've finished creating a brand new product, the time comes to write the sales page for it...

Whether you get your sales copy written by a professional copywriter (recommended) or write it yourself, you'll realize that one of the key elements of a profitable sales page is having some form of testimonials from other people who've already used your product.

Without these testimonials, people will have to "take your word for it" - which rarely happens - leaving you with a low conversion rate and a massive lack of sales.

BUT we have a problem...

How can you get testimonials if people haven't bought your product yet?

... It's a "catch 22 situation"!

However the good news is that you can get testimonials whether you currently have an audience or not.

First, if you already have an audience, you need to make the most of them by reaching out to them for help.

The best thing about asking for reviews from your target audience is it's more ethical than asking your friends to give you a testimonial without them going through the product - plus the reviews are always more authentic and will hit more of the common "paint points" in your niche too (which helps to increase your sales!).

To do this, simply send a short broadcast email using your autoresponder (e.g. AWeber) asking your subscribers if they would be willing to get your product for free in exchange for a review.

Personally I'd recommend leveraging this opportunity to get video-based testimonials (no more than 5 minutes long), but I'll leave that one up to you!

And if you're lacking inspiration, here's a sample email to use...

Hey, it's [your name]!

I've just finished creating a brand new product called [product name]. It's all about [what the product helps people with].

However, I need testimonials for the product before I can release it to the public...

So I was wondering if you'd be interested in getting early access for free in exchange for giving me a written/video testimonial?

If you are, just reply to this email explaining why I should choose you and what action you've taken so far.

[Your Name]

The last time I sent an email to my list similar to this, around 30% of the people who opened the email replied within 24 hours saying they'd LOVE to give a testimonial. So it's a very powerful strategy!

I'd recommend choosing only 20 people from the people who "apply", as only around 30%-50% of them will actually get back to you with a testimonial. The other people will usually give excuses why they didn't go through the product yet or ignore you completely.

However that still leaves you with 6-10 solid testimonials from people who've gone through the product and hopefully got some results from it!

Tip: Setting a timeframe of 14 days will increase the chances of people getting back to you quickly.

After you've gotten the testimonials, I'd personally recommend letting the people who've given you testimonials continue having access the product, but block the people who didn't reply from the members area.

An easy way of doing this is using something like Wishlist Member, but a simpler solution is just to put a temporary web page up with your product for the review process, then delete it after you've received the testimonials.

But what if you don't already have an audience?

It's a pretty similar process...

First, you need to find a forum or message board where people in your niche hang out.

Simply post a new thread in the most active section of the forum if possible (if they have rules against that sort of thing, be sure to post it in the relevant section), using the exact same email copy I gave you above - but replacing the end section with something like this...

If you are, just send me a private message explaining why I should choose you and what you've action you've taken so far.

Then you'll soon get a ton of private messages on that forum from people asking to review your product in exchange for a testimonial.

How cool is that?!

Finally, when the time comes to gather the testimonials, you may need to follow up with some people 2-3 times to get a response, using different subject lines to grab their attention (e.g. "IMPORTANT: Your Review Of [Product Name]".

(Remember, some people have very crowded email inboxes and can easily miss your emails.)

Be sure to thank the people that replied with a testimonial, and also give them a way to continue accessing your product to say "thanks" for helping you.

Using these strategies, you'll never have any problems with gathering testimonials ever again 🙂

Have a great day!
- James.

Generate Product Ideas

How To Generate Product Ideas Effortlessly

Before you can start creating your own income-producing product, it all starts with an idea.

What topic will your product be on? What content will you include? Is it something that people actually want to buy?

Sometimes inspiration can take a while to start flowing, so here’s a quick video tutorial revealing exactly how to generate great product ideas effortlessly every time…


Click Here To Access The Full 1 Hour 34 Minutes Recording

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7 Steps To Six Figures Online

7 Steps To Six Figures Online

Many beginners often ask me if they can see a “bigger picture” view of a successful $100,000+ per year online business, and how it all fits together.

Well here it is, taken from one of my previous live coaching sessions…


Need Help Setting These Up? Click Here To See How.

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First Steps For Creating Your Own Product

The First Steps To Creating Your Own Product

Although it’s something you must do to make a lot of money online, creating your first product can seem pretty daunting at first…

After all, you probably already have a lot of ideas floating around in your mind, and the big question is – where do you start?

Here’s a quick video tutorial which shows you exactly how I get started with creating my own new products…


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- James Francis.

One Crucial Element To A Successful Online Business

The One Crucial Element To Making A Lot Of Money Online

I want to share something with you today that many people will see as “too difficult”, or they’ll provide a myriad of other excuses for why they can’t do this (with the truth being that they can, but they can’t be bothered to learn how).

But for the people who think “sure, it’s something I haven’t done before, but I’ll learn how to do it and give it a good shot”, those are the people who will have the biggest breakthrough from this. Hopefully you’ll fit into this category.

Here’s the candid truth…

Throughout everything I do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, there is one crucial element of my online business which allows me to make my six figure income with ease…

… And that’s having my own high quality product which converts well.

After all, getting traffic is easy – you just need to spend the 30 minutes it takes to understand how to buy solo ads, then you’re good to go. Or alternatively, if you have no budget whatsoever, build relationships with affiliates in your industry and get them to send the traffic for you.

But if you don’t have a high converting offer of your own to send that traffic to, you’ll be extremely limited as to how much money you can make online.

Take it from me and my online experience…

About 5 years ago, I hadn’t yet created any of my own products, and I was making a huge loss every month. I was buying traffic, building a list, doing some affiliate marketing – but inevitably I was spending a lot more money than I was earning back.

Then, I created my first product (which converted terribly) – and my income rose to around $1,000 per month (net profit) as soon as I launched it.

Then when I created my Online Income Masterclass program (which converted about average), I started making $8,000 – $10,000 per month after a few months.

But as soon as I created an insanely valuable product which converted insanely well (Done For You Commissions), my income rose to between $15,000 and $20,000 per month.

That’s the one crucial element which most people miss (and fail to get any decent results because of it)…

… Creating your own high quality product with a high-converting sales page.

Make this your end goal, and you’ll see your online income rise in a huge way.

Go on, put it on your “to do” list now.

So here’s the all-important question…

Can you make money online without your own products, or just as an affiliate?

Sure – but be prepared to make a HUGE loss before you get to the stage where your email list (or your experience) can make enough sales to make a decent profit.

Instead, save yourself the years of hassle and being close to bankruptcy, and create your own product from the information you’ve learned so far, or the experiences you’ve had so far.

And no – it doesn’t need to be unique or perfect – just provide your own perspective.

Then test the sales page copy (or sales video) until it converts at around $1 per click ($1 EPC) on average.

At that stage, let affiliates in the same industry as you know about it, and they’ll happily promote it for you.

Then you’ll have the foundations to a $10,000 per month online business.

In short…

High Quality Product + High Converting Sales Page = The Foundations Of A Six Figure Income

So what are you waiting for? Get started! :-)

Good luck,
- James Francis.

P.S. Any questions? Feel free to use the comment section below...