How Much You Should Charge For Digital Products (Test Results!)

What Price Should You Charge?

When starting your online business it can be difficult to know what price to charge for your digital products and services.

After all, if you overcharge, you're going to get lackluster sales and unhappy customers, but if you undercharge, you're going to go out of business pretty quickly.

So what's the best price?

In this video you'll discover what pricing strategies have worked best for me and my clients, spanning over 8 figures in revenue in over 20 different niches...

Here's How Much I Earned From A Self-Published Best-Selling Book

How Much Money Did I Earn From A Self-Published Best-Selling Book?

I recently self-published my own book, which later became a best seller in the category of "e-commerce".

In this video, I'm going to show you exactly how much money my book earned and some tips for earning the most money possible when self-publishing your own book.

The Top 5 Best-Selling Digital Products

Products That Sell The Best

Do you sometimes find yourself moving from one shiny object to another, in the hope that the new method will be the one that "cracks the code" and makes the profit you're looking for?

If you do, you may be overcomplicating things!

The rule to easily making a profit online is this...

"A profit is made in your online business when your prospects buy a solution for a problem they have."

We've already talked about how to find out what people want, so now we just need to find out which solution to sell to people.

This solution could be anything, but if you don't want to have boxes piled up in your living room, digital products and services are the most profitable way of doing this.

In fact nowadays, we only sell digital stuff, and here's why:

  1. They are delivered automatically, so there's no time-consuming delivery process required.
  2. You create them once, and can be sold over and over again.
  3. They have virtually zero costs involved.

... Along with many other reasons which create a reliable, stress-free, and profitable online business.

But not all products are created equal.

There are 5 types of products that are always in demand...

5 Different Ways To Price Your Product


One of the best ways to increase your conversion rates on your products is to test different prices.

After all, some people may not think your product is as valuable as you do, OR they may think it sounds more valuable than the price you're charging, so surely something must be wrong with it.

So here are 5 different ways to price your product...

How To Get Testimonials For Your New Product

Get Testimonials

After you've finished creating a brand new product, the time comes to write the sales page for it...

Whether you get your sales copy written by a professional copywriter (recommended) or write it yourself, you'll realize that one of the key elements of a profitable sales page is having some form of testimonials from other people who've already used your product.

Without these testimonials, people will have to "take your word for it" - which rarely happens - leaving you with a low conversion rate and a massive lack of sales.

BUT we have a problem...

How can you get testimonials if people haven't bought your product yet?

... It's a "catch 22 situation"!

However the good news is that you can get testimonials whether you currently have an audience or not.


How To Generate Product Ideas Effortlessly

Generate Product Ideas

Before you can start creating your own income-producing product, it all starts with an idea.

What topic will your product be on? What content will you include? Is it something that people actually want to buy?

Sometimes inspiration can take a while to start flowing, so here’s a quick video tutorial revealing exactly how to generate great product ideas effortlessly every time…

7 Steps To Six Figures Online

7 Steps To Six Figures Online

Many beginners often ask me if they can see a bigger picture view of a successful $100,000+ per year online business, and how it all fits together.

Well here it is, taken from one of my previous live coaching sessions...

The First Steps To Creating Your Own Product

First Steps For Creating Your Own Product

Although it's something you must do to make a lot of money online, creating your first product can seem pretty daunting at first...

After all, you probably already have a lot of ideas floating around in your mind, and the big question is - where do you start?

Here's a quick video tutorial which shows you exactly how I get started with creating my own new products...