The MVP Method To Accelerate Your Progress & Boost Your Results

The MVP Method To Accelerate Your Progress & Boost Your Results

If you're feeling like you're spinning your wheels and can't seem to make any progress in your online business, listen up...

In this free training video, you're going to discover the MVP method for accelerating your progress and boosting your results, so you can end the stagnant cycle and increase your profit.

Let's get started!

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- James Francis.
Founder & CEO, Digital Prosperity.

What I've Learned From Vacation

Back From Vacation - Here's What I've Learned...

So my wife and I got back from our vacation in the south of England (Cornwall) yesterday.

We go on a lot of vacations, but this one was possibly the most relaxing in a while due to one lesson I've learned over the years.

And now I'd like to share it with you...

When you start building an online business, it's easy to surround yourself in things that you feel could be useful and get addicted to checking your progress.

You sign up to a billion email lists. You check your traffic, leads and sales stats every hour religiously. You check emails every hour just in case you need to reply to something "quickly".

All this only leads to a giant dose of overwhelm (to say the least) and the inability to relax when you're having time for yourself or with your family.

That's what my previous vacations were like a few years ago.

"Relaxing" by the pool with my cell phone buzzing with notifications about my emails and stats.

... But it's impossible to relax that way!

This actually led to me becoming very anxious back then - always worrying about unlikely "what if" scenarios.

So the lesson I've learned is to separate your personal time from your work time.

Yes, that means...

Turn OFF your email notifications on your cell phone.

Only check your emails twice per day (they'll still be there later) - only when you're sitting down in "work" mode. If people demand your time, politely say "no" and you'll talk about it when you get back to work.

Immerse yourself in what's currently happening in your life, without your mind wondering off about work stuff.

(So when you're at the zoo with your family, be PRESENT at the zoo and forget everything else until it's time to be present in that moment instead!)

The clearer your divide between your work life and your personal life, the more you'll be able to relax, the less anxious you'll feel and the more productive you'll be when you ARE working.

Anyway - that's just some helpful advice I wanted to share to let you know I'm back and ready to rock 🙂

Have a great day!
- James Francis.

One Secret Why Beginners Fail To Make A Profit

The One Secret Why Beginners Fail To Make A Profit

After working closely with my coaching clients for over 2 years now, I've identified the "holy grail" of why most people getting started with their online business on their own completely FAIL to make a profit.

And no, it's nothing to do with your background, wealth or circumstances...

Instead, it's all about your approach.

In other words, some people are destined to fail from day one because they see everything in the wrong way. Let's go through some real life examples...

It should be no surprise to you that starting up a wildly successful online business is difficult. If you approach your business as a hobby, want results overnight and aren't committed enough to put in the work, you'll always fail. Nobody can change that but you.

Whereas if you understand the reality that it's going to take a little elbow grease and you WILL need to overcome the occasional hurdle (just like in everyday life), you'll succeed and make a huge profit.

Good things come to those who persevere - not just give up at the first hurdle.

This change in approach also applies to money. More specifically, the money you spend on your business in the beginning stages should NOT be seen as a "cost". Instead, it's an investment in your future results.

For example, if you spend money on your hosting account, that isn't a "cost", as it allows you to host your entire website which will be responsible for making sales. Your business won't run without it, so it's an investment in your own results.

Similarly, investing in education isn't a "cost", as it's an investment which will save you literally hundreds of hours of frustration and tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary mistakes. The only cost here is when you decide NOT to invest in your own education and spend an extreme about of time and money figuring everything out yourself the hard way - often ending in failure anyway.

And if you feel you need to invest in some optional software to get your sales funnel set up (e.g. LeadPages, OptimizePress, ClickFunnels or similar), this isn't a cost, as when done correctly, it allows you to build a very responsive email list and make sales on autopilot.

I could go on and on. But the point remains the same...

When you're paying out money in your business, it's not a cost - but an investment in your own results.

Moving away from the monetary side of things, there's also the pessimistic approach...

If you go into your day expecting things not to work out, they probably won't. This is because your mind will actively SEEK OUT the negative aspects and completely miss the positive aspects, then the whole thing gets worse because you're rewarding your own pessimism with "I told you so!".

Instead, successful people understand that there will be a few hurdles, BUT because of their positive approach, they are willing to find the solutions to overcome them, and the rewards will be more than worth the initial short-term struggle.

So if you find yourself going through some content and thinking, "here's another thing that won't work for me, but let's try it anyway", you're essentially out there to prove to yourself that it won't work, so you'll do everything in your power to reach that outcome.

Whereas somebody who approaches the same scenario with the approach that they'll do everything in their power to MAKE it work for them will have a completely different (positive) outcome, because they'll be more committed to the entire process (running on 90%+ capacity instead of doing everything at 10% capacity) and will therefore see the results they're looking for.

By this point, you may be thinking that others have access to more resources (time, money, etc) than others. And you're completely right. But to quote Tony Robbins, people often don't lack resources, they lack resourcefulness...

Some of my coaching clients start with absolutely zero resources. Zilch. Nada.

But because they approach their online business as an investment and are committed to make it work (and change their lives for the better), they always find a way to get the resources they need to get the results they want. Every time. Because when the brain wants something enough, it'll always find ways to get it - whatever your circumstances.

So if you're wondering why some people succeed while others don't, the answer is more simple than you think. It's all about the way you approach your own success.

So do you have the correct approach?

To your success!
- James Francis.

Mindset Shift

The One Mindset Shift Which Generated $379,380.23 In The Last 19 Months

I don't usually share my exact results because some people have a problem dealing with large numbers. But today I'm willing to share my numbers to prove a point which will hopefully change your online business forever.

Over the last 19 months, my business has generated over $379,380.23. The reason I say "over" is because that's just the money that went directly into my PayPal account.

Now, it goes without saying that this profit would NOT have been generated if I had the wrong mindset. After all, do you see Bill Gates, Richard Branson or Brendon Burchard refunding their way to the top? Heck no - they take action because they're committed to the outcome!

But there's one mindset in particular which made all this possible...

Changing from an opportunity seeker into a BUSINESS owner.

If you're always in the opportunity seeker mindset, you'll find yourself constantly chasing the next shiny object, hoping it'll make a change quickly, ending up in a constant "cycle of doom" with nothing but an empty bank account to show for it.

But those who have spent any length of time in this mindset know that the shiny button to get results from zero overnight doesn't exist. And it's these people who often continue to chase the next shiny thing, meaning they actually spend MORE time failing than those who adopt the better mindset...

... That of a business owner.

When you have a business owner mindset, you see every activity as a way to build on what you already have. You act on proven information, actually implementing everything you see to the very end (and get amazing results because of your commitment), put personal mindset issues aside for the sake of a more profitable business, seek out great people to help you move forward, and see everything as an investment in your future results.

That's how you get from a struggling, confused beginner to somebody who actually gets results and creates a better life for you and your family. It's all about forcing yourself to see things from a business perspective.

Now, previously I was an opportunity seeker. For two years, in fact. That's why it took me two whole years to make my first $100.

(And I know some people reading this sentence right now still haven't made their first $100 after an even longer period of time.)

But what was the key to unlocking the better future?

Changing my own mindset from an opportunity seeker to that of a business owner.

Nobody did this for me - it was something I personally decided to do when I realized it was what I NEEDED to do if I wanted any kind of results.

So now I'm inviting you to do the same.

Stop seeing things as opportunities, moving from one thing to the next in the hope of fast results, and letting any of your own personal mindset issues get in the way of your success.

Instead, see yourself as an online business owner who needs to follow a proven system which suits YOU, and give yourself permission to follow that entire system to the end until you get results.

That's what I've done, and that's what my other successful clients have done.

So can you promise me you'll do that?

Have a great weekend,
- James Francis.

The Most Important Factor

The Most Important Factor In Your Online Business

If you approach things the wrong way, building a successful online business can be a very selfish thing to do.

See, it's important to make money to pay your way through life comfortably and provide for your family, but how many people do you know of that actually place a huge emphasis on actually helping people to change their lives for the better?

Aside from my coaching clients, I can count them all on one hand - and still have some fingers left over.

(Oh, and all of these people have 7-figure businesses.)

I don't know about you, but there's something amazing about getting emails from my customers and clients with their success stories. Just yesterday I received an update from one of my customers saying how he made an additional $125 profit in just 3 days, and I know his online income will soon dwarf his current Walmart salary.

These success stories are what I strive for in my business - not just because it allows me to sleep well at night and make an impact all over the world, but it's also GREAT from a business growth perspective, too.

Here's why...

If you're JUST focused on making money, it will show through in everything you do. You'll come across to your audience as sneaky, untrustworthy, and maybe even a second-hand car salesman.

Realistically, how many people do you know who would buy from a person with those qualities? I personally know very few!

This is why you'll struggle to make sales and struggle to grow your profit if you're solely focused on making money.

But instead, if you're always focused on how you can best help your customers, a few things happen...

1) You create better products, which means your refunds go DOWN and your referrals go UP.

2) Your constant barrage of new testimonials allows you to persuade more prospects to buy your offers without hesitation, because there is now undeniable proof that your methods get results.

3) Your customers will be willing to spend more money with you (i.e. on services, coaching programs, consulting packages, or similar) because they truly know, like and trust you.

... Then you make a huge profit as a side-effect of your prospects paying good money for solutions which actually help them...

... Not to mention the fact that you feel awesome about your business (and telling other people about it), and getting people some amazing results is the best form of motivation I know.

That's why I don't sell t-shirts or any other physical products - because they lack long-term value and don't really help anybody beyond the "wow, that's funny" first impression. I'd much rather help people add an extra zero onto their online business, or help struggling beginners to reach their first $10,000 in NET profit. I feel that's much more valuable to people.

You're sitting here right now with the potential to change the world. If you're willing to accept the challenge, it's time to get out there and make the most of it.

Not only will you feel amazing, but your business will flourish as a result 🙂

Have a great day!
- James Francis.

Deadly Mindsets Which Will Lose You Money

5 Deadly Mindsets Which Will Lose You Money

Building a successful online business isn't just down to having the right strategies or knowledge. Neither is it down to having the right "system", "loophole", or "automated software".

Instead, it's primarily down to having the right mindset. Or in other words...

The number one reason why most people don’t make as much money from their online business as they'd like to, is because of their mindset. Without having the right mindset, it's approximately 100 times more difficult for you to become successful online.

But there's good news - it's something which can be learned!

Everyone starts from the same point - zero - so nobody has a specific advantage over you, and it's your responsibility to create your own success, because nobody else will do it for you.

From my experience, there are five main deadly mindsets which stop most people in their tracks...

1) Information Overload

"Information Overload" usually happens when you're just starting out with something new, and there's too much to learn at one time.

It's the same with anything new you take up - such as a new sport, a language, or even when meeting a new person.

... But it's especially common in the online business arena / "Internet Marketing" space, as beginners tend to spend too much time getting distracted by completely different business models and try to learn everything at once.

To overcome it, you need to focus on just ONE business model for your online business.

Or in other words - you DON'T need to learn everything!

Choose just one business model and stick to it, then concentrate on three things - making your sales funnel profitable, building your list of leads/subscribers, and maintaining a good relationship with your audience.

2) Seeing Your Online Business As A Hobby

If you see your online business as a hobby, you'll earn a "hobby" income. I only know this because I did exactly the same thing for around 8 months and got nowhere!

However, if you see this as a business (because it is), you'll earn the income of a successful business, e.g. a much larger one.

But how do you see this as a business?

First, you need to be prepared to invest money into your future. Don't be afraid to pay for traffic, outsourced workers, or relevant information which will expand your knowledge (and make you more money!), as your business is simply a "money multiplication machine". Remember, zero multiplied by 10 is still zero, so you need to start with some money in the first place.

Also, you should be prepared to invest time into your future. Assign at least one hour every two days for solid learning and implementation (if you’re short on time, you can easily get up an hour earlier and/or go to bed an hour later).

Finally, you need to be professional about everything and always take it seriously. When meeting new people, when dealing with your subscribers and/or customers, when creating products, when managing your "to-do" items, and everything in-between.

3) Attracting Negativity

When I was just starting out in my own online business, I had no support whatsoever (emotional or financial).

My parents didn't give me any support, my friends actually laughed at my plans to make money online, but my best friends at the time said four words which changed my life forever... "You can do it".

From then on, I learned to surround myself in positivity and optimism.

I wrote a list of everyone who doubted me and cut them out of my life (because if they doubted me, they weren't "friends" anyway).

I was a lot happier, a lot more determined, and a lot more successful.

I started to socialise with people who were more successful than me, and I grew to match their success.

... And now at the $25k per month mark, I still only associate myself with people who have positive mindsets.

4) Procrastination

When most failing beginners are "working", they're usually stuck in the deadly cycle of procrastination (to feel as though they're working, even though they're actually getting nothing done), i.e. check statistics, check emails, check Facebook, check Skype rooms, check forums, and repeat - meaning most people achieve nothing for several weeks (if not months, or even years!).

Even though this is the fastest way to become stuck making a loss instead of a profit, there is an easy way to cure it...

Just stop screwing around and get stuff done! 😀

My favorite strategy to increase productivity is to create an account with any good "to-do list" creation website (I use, and set your to-do list as your browser's home page.

That way, whenever you open the Internet, your to-do list reminds you what you should be doing.

Generally, procrastination is something you learn to stop doing over time, but the key is to catch yourself in the act and ask yourself honestly, "is this really helping to make me any money?", then open up your to-do list to continue with something which is actually crucial to moving your business forward.

Plus, if you don't have the burning desire to do something, you won't be truly motivated to be successful in the first place.

So you need to find your "why"...

  • Do you need to provide for your wife (or husband) and children?
  • Are you in debt?
  • Do you want a better lifestyle? Maybe by the beach?
  • Do you wake up every day just to go to a job you hate, and desperately want to quit?
  • What will your life be like in 2 years if you continue the way you are right now?

Let this "why" keep you determined, motivated and constantly striving towards success.

5) Paralysis By Analysis

This is a phrase which explains the main reason why people don't take action and fail to actually implement what they learn.

They have so much to do (or so much information available to them), they don't take action on anything whatsoever.

... Sound familiar?

To fix it (and become "un-paralyzed"), you need to make a realistic daily action plan, being sure to do just one thing at a time.

You should implement the strategies which will get the most monetary results first, e.g. new squeeze page, new paid offer, tweaking conversions, and more.

To help with this, I usually set myself "mini goals" - for example, "this week, I'll gain another 1000 leads/subscribers", or, " this week, I'll create a new product".

Just be sure to take action on something, as every step (no matter how small) moves you closer to your end goal.

So if you're feeling lost and overwhelmed, take action on the above steps right now, then you'll soon be on the path to success before you know it.

To a better future!
- James Francis.

Redefining Failure

Redefining Failure

When growing your online business, it's easy to feel like you're constantly "stuck in a rut" or in a constant state of failure. And of course, failure is painful (physically and mentally) - that's why we try to avoid it.

However, failure is an essential part of your everyday life, and happens to everyone.

Every day, I fail at least three times in my business. Whether it's a new split test idea, marketing campaign, traffic generation tweak, technical gremlins or similar, I wake up in the morning already knowing that things probably aren't going to go the way I'd like - and that's ok!

How can I be so confident? Because I know I'm still heading in the right direction overall – and assuming you're actually making some progress in your business, you should too.

If I (just a normal guy who used to work in a grocery store) can do this - not to mention thousands of other people around the world who have overcome their failures and are now living their dreams, so can you.

Instead of succumbing to failure and letting it control you - or worse, NOT taking as much action as you should for the fear of failure – you need to just accept it as an important part of the journey.

Like a muscle, if you don't stretch yourself by failing all the time, then your business isn't going to grow stronger as a result of those failures.

In other words, don’t worry about the failures. It's all about continuous improvement.

If a lower amount of your traffic converted into leads than you expected, that's not failing. That's just your campaign giving you a benchmark to improve upon in the future.

If you're paying too much for your advertising, then does it mean your entire business is doomed? No! You can simply tweak your ads to cost less per click.

If you're not converting enough of your leads into sales, then is the universe going to collapse in on itself? Of course not! You can now improve every element within your sales process and make your website copy more compelling.

Plus, if you're regularly failing, you aren't truly "failing" anyway, as true failure is when you've exhausted all possible options and you have nowhere to turn. Anything less is just a small bump in the road towards your destination.

So take a minute to redefine your failure right now. You’ll not only feel a lot better about your progress so far, but also the opportunities waiting for you in the future, too.

Have a great day,
- James Francis.

Key To Success

The REAL Key To Success In Your Online Business

There’s a reason why I post more stuff about mindset than actual strategies on my Facebook Page and to my subscribers

The strategies and proven blueprints are everywhere (including my own programs), so the actual PATH to achieve your goals ISN’T the issue.

The issue is the roadblocks that we create for ourselves on a daily basis, in the form of procrastination, self-induced overwhelm, an endless supply of limiting beliefs, or some other BS excuse we keep telling ourselves to keep us firmly planted to the ground.

The reason why I am (probably) getting more results than you is NOT down to the system I’m following – as I share that with my customers on a daily basis – but the mindset behind everything I do.

When I look at new offers being presented to me, I don’t think, “can I buy this?”. I instead analyze the offer and see if I can learn anything from their marketing.

When I start work in the morning, I don’t move from Facebook to my email inbox, to my earnings statistics and back to Facebook again. I instead start at the top of my “to do” list with an activity which will move my business forward and get the most results possible.

When I implement a new strategy into my business or tweak an existing one, I don’t judge it based on what I want, but what my customers want.

In other words, I have a SELLER mindset instead of a BUYER mindset.

If you sell more than you buy – you win.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, what your current circumstances are, your available time or money to invest, your upbringing or anything else. You can do this just like many others before you.

Sure – being in the right situation to begin with is going to give you a smoother ride, but time and time again I see people move from unbelievably terrible circumstances to a new world of success in their online business. And the reality is, there’s no solid reason why you can’t too.

Forget about your excuses and claim your rightful place on this Earth – or someone else will.

To your success,
- James Francis.

How To Escape Overwhelm And Start Seeing Results

Over the past few weeks, I've been doing a lot of strategy calls with my subscribers and customers, and the most common theme was a lack of direction due to feeling overwhelmed.

There was one customer in particular who had a hard drive full of different WSOs and products, and was getting very little results because he didn't know which direction to go in.

Here's a free video tutorial which explains how I overcame his overwhelm and laid out a proven action plan to move his online business forward:

Here's The Link I Mentioned In The Video

Have a great weekend!
- James Francis.

Mindset Shift

One Killer Mindset Shift To Skyrocket Your Success

Although the whole “mindset” topic is often (wrongly) seen as “boring” or “unnecessary” by many beginners, I don’t know of a single successful marketer who hasn’t undergone this one simple mindset shift.

The truth is, unless you follow this different way of thinking, your bank balance will always be falling – not going up.

It’s all based on perspective.

When presented with a sales process, most beginners will simply think, “is this for me?”, or sometimes even get annoyed at being sold something – despite us being in the industry of marketing (who’d have thought it, right?).

But when the more successful marketers (or beginners with massive potential) see a sales process, something different happens.

The thought process we go through isn’t just “would this help improve my online business?”, but we also analyze the sales process – as a marketer – to look for inspiration for our own online businesses.

That’s the subtle – but extremely powerful – difference.

You need to change your perspective from a prospect or customer, to a marketer.

For example, when you next buy a product and you’re faced with an upsell, instead of thinking the person should die in the wrath of fiery hell (even though every offline business does this too – including McDonalds), change your mindset and analyze it.

How does this upsell compliment the main product? What are the main selling points of the sales copy? What features does the product have? What benefits does it stress to the prospect? How is the page laid out? What is the price of the upsell? How does this price differ to the main product’s price? Can you use anything in this process as inspiration for your own (current or future) upsell process?

Just analyze it as much as possible and learn by observation and logic.

Similarly, if you’re on a marketer’s email list and you feel excited to open their emails, what does that marketer do differently to everyone else? What style of writing do they have? Did they use a good subject line for their email? What do they frequently send to you? What makes them so good at what they do?

Analyze it, then take that inspiration and implement it into your own communication with your audience.

As another example, you could analyze the title of this blog post and ask yourself if there’s a marketing-related reason why I wrote “skyrocket your success” instead of “stop failing” or similar. The answer is simple and based on common logic. People in this industry (and most others) want to move towards pleasure (i.e. “be fit and healthy”), not away from pain (i.e. “stop being overweight”), because it is less of a “personal attack” against their current situation.

Your success depends on this subtle mindset shift of analyzing everything you see as a marketer – not just a customer.

Start doing this today, and you’ll soon train yourself to be a better marketer from experience alone.

Sure, it won’t help you as much as having a coach or mentor, but it’s a great way to quickly minimize your learning curve and speed up your success.

Talk soon!
- James Francis.

P.S. What do you think of this? Please leave a comment below, as I always read all of them 🙂