How To Increase Your Sales Without Any Changes To Your Marketing

How To Increase Your Sales Without Any Changes To Your Marketing

How To Increase Your Sales Without Any Changes To Your Marketing

Are you struggling to decide which products to promote to make maximum sales?

Or have you already started promoting some products but can't seem to get anyone to buy?

This used to happen to me and my marketing friends all the time, and it sucked! Looking at that big far "zero" in your sales statistics over and over again really hits hard - especially when your family and so-called friends aren't always supportive of your online venture.

Fortunately there's a stupidly simple way to fix this for good within just 10 minutes or less - even if you have no list, no website and no clue.

It all comes down to finding out what your prospects actually want, instead of what you think they want.

Often we start our online businesses with plenty of great ideas for what we'll be helping our customers with, but the truth is... Those ideas don't matter. You are not your customer.

What we think our customers want and what our customers actually want are usually two completely different things.

For example, somebody who has a smoking addiction knows that it's harmful to their health, it's going to shorten their lifespan and all the other negatives that come with it. However that doesn't always mean they want to stop smoking. What they actually want is more cigarettes.

The same thing applies to your online business.

You would look at a customer who has a misbehaving dog that barks all day long and think they need to get it fixed, but what they are actually drawn to the most is how to stop their dog from peeing on the carpet - a much more urgent behavior with instant gratification.

The trick is, once you know what people are actually drawn to the most, we can give it to them. This makes the selling process obsolete, as you don't need to persuade them about anything. They're already looking for a solution!

Then of course you're free to educate them on the better ways of doing things which is going to get them better results in the long term.

In other words, you begin with selling them on what they want, then educate them on what they need.

But how do we find out what they want?

This process is made super simple using something called "UGC".

UGC stands for user-generated content, which is anything that gives the prospect a voice to share their thoughts, feelings, and wants.

By looking at this, you're seeing the unfiltered truth of what people actually want, so you can use those insights to choose the right product to solve that want, increasing your sales in the process without actually changing your marketing strategies at all. As you can imagine, it's marketing gold.

Here are 5 of my favorite places to look for this user-generated content:

1) Amazon Book Reviews

Find a popular book that is relevant to your chosen niche and look at the reviews for it. You'll see what people like about the book, and more importantly, what they don't like.

Then simply incorporate the good points and fix the bad points in your own product or content.

Reviews Example

This even works for less popular niches like knitting!

2) Surveys

If you have an existing audience on social media or an email list, simply send them a 2-3 question survey straight-up asking them what they want help with the most. Any free survey tool will work great, such as Google Forms or SurveyMonkey.

Survey Example

These responses can also help you to overcome reasons why people aren't buying.

3) Forums

Do a quick Google search for your niche and then "forum" (e.g. "dog training forum"). You'll then see a ton of places where people are sharing what they need help with the most, along with their experiences so far and what would be their ideal solution.

Forum Example

Look for common trends, as these will be the "most wanted" topics in your niche.

4) Facebook Groups

Simply search Facebook for your chosen niche and you're guaranteed to find at least a few groups with your prospects asking questions about the topics they need help with the most.

Facebook Group Example

Look at all those people you can get insights on for your marketing!

5) Quora

If you remember Yahoo Answers, you're going to love this one. It's a website where anybody can post questions and get detailed replies from people all over the world. The key here is to not only see which questions are being asked the most in your niche, but also how they're being phrased and what words they use.

Quora Example

HINT: The topics with the most "upvotes" are the most requested.

Then by creating your content and products around those topics that people want the most (instead of what you want to do) - in the same language they use - your prospects will relate to it much better and be more likely to buy. This is because you'll be hitting their emotional bullseye and connecting with an existing problem that needs to be solved immediately.

Want A Proven Shortcut For Making Your First 100 Sales?

Of course, finding out what your prospects are waiting to buy with credit card in hand is super important.

However, you also need to know how to sell your solution to these people in an authentic way that doesn't come across as "salesy" and "hypey", while maximizing your profit.

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5 Reasons Why Working From Home Is Awesome

Running an online business from home is awesome! Here are 5 reasons why we think so...

Here's How To Build A Successful Online Business

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Is Having Zero Existing Offers In Your Niche A Bad Sign?

Watch the short video below for the answer...

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Choosing Profitable Niche

3 Steps To Find A Profitable Niche

Is your niche stopping you from making a profit? Are you struggling to make sales in your online business even though all the pieces of the puzzle are in the right place?

Choosing a niche which isn't profitable will make growing your business much more difficult and frustrating than it needs to be, so it's important to get it right.

There are 3 main steps to find a profitable niche...

Step #1 - Identify Your Area Of Expertise Or Interest

Everyone has valuable knowledge on a specific topic - even if you don't even realize it yet! Your first task is to choose just one area you can focus your online business around.

Answer these questions to give yourself a few ideas...

  • Do people sometimes ask you for advice on a specific topic?
  • Have you achieved anything special in the last 10 years?
  • What hobbies do you have?
  • What about your career?
  • Ask your friends and family!

Instead of giving your advice away for free, keeping it bottled up in your head or trading your time for dollars, there are people out there struggling right now with a problem related to your chosen topic and willing to pay whatever it takes to overcome their problems and change their life. Grab that opportunity!

After answering the above questions, if you feel you don't have any knowledge whatsoever, just choose something which you enjoy, are interested in, or want to learn more about.

TIP: The most profitable industries to delve into are related to health, wealth, and relationships.

Plus, DON'T worry about competition, as an active community is a good thing! It actually allows you to work together with other people in your niche, pool resources, and make a larger profit.

So whether you have any existing knowledge right now or not, write down all the potential topics/niches in a list, then we can move onto the next step...

Step #2 - Validate The Niche's Profitability

Not every niche will contain people who are eager to buy digital products or services, so we need to make 100% sure that the niche is not only popular, but also profitable.

This is simply a matter of checking an existing affiliate network and seeing what results other online marketers are getting in your niche.

More specifically, visit the marketplace and find at least 3 products with a "Gravity" statistic of at least 20 or more.

For example, if you find 11 products which all have a "gravity" statistic of 100+, then you have a very profitable niche. However a niche containing just 3 products with a "gravity" statistic of around 20 would be much less profitable.

Many other "experts" try to overcomplicate this process (usually to get you to buy their stuff), but this criteria has led my coaching students to make well over $1 million in sales in the last 12 months - so it works!

Step #3 - Narrow Your Niche Down Into A Sub-Niche

Once you've chosen your niche, you need to decide which topic you'd like to be seen as an expert on within that niche.

The days of being a generic expert on "weight loss" or "business" are gone, as people look for specialists who can help with their specific problem (do you go to the doctor for toothache?).

So choose ANY topic within your niche which you have expertise in OR would like to become an expert in.

For example, instead of just focusing on the "weight loss" niche, you could narrow that down to the "lose belly fat" sub-niche. Or instead of just the "health" niche, you could narrow that down to the "cure insomnia" sub-niche.

Do you see how doing this will match people's problems exactly?

To save you doing all this work yourself, I've actually researched 12 profitable niches FOR you - including the audience demographics, what they're interested in, and the 36 hottest paid offers to promote. Download it here...

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Are You In The Wrong Niche?

Are You In The Wrong Niche?

When most people start their online business, they usually enter the "Internet Marketing" or "make money online" niche, because that's their own end goal, and they want to help other people do the same.

And there's nothing wrong with that - except you have no results or experience to draw on.

This means they'll usually start as just an affiliate, and quickly find that many avenues to make money are completely blocked because they don't - and can't - create their own offers (yet).

Even after trying everything, they simply can't get their online business to become profitable because:

  • They don't know what to say to their audience
  • They have nothing to teach their audience
  • They have no actual results to prove their content actually works

If you can relate to this, you need to ask yourself a simple but important question:

"Am I focusing on this niche just because I see it as 'easy'?"

If the answer is yes, you'll find it extremely difficult to make a decent amount of progress, and potentially face being in exactly the same situation a few years down the line from now.

(In fact, if you still haven't reached a $1,000 per month income from your niche after implementing a proven system, then this big whopping error of judgement is probably why.)

Instead, you should always enter a niche where you have the following 5 important things…

  1. Skills
  2. Knowledge
  3. Experience
  4. Passion
  5. Profitability

If you lack any of these, then you'll find yourself going round in circles for many years to come.

And no - you don't need to be the world's best expert at your niche.

You just need to have enough skills, knowledge, experience and passion to share with your audience, so they can perceive you as the expert (because you know more about the topic than they do).

Once you have all 4 of these important criteria in your niche, THEN (and only then) do you look for profitability.

In other words, profitability comes last.

(After all, you'll make zero profit if you enter a "profitable" niche with nothing of value to share.)

And if you really think about it, everyone has experience or passion in some area...

  • Maybe you can share your experiences from your job? e.g. Personal trainer? Financial advisor? Realtor?
  • Maybe you have a hobby you're passionate about? e.g. Sports coach? Playing an instrument? Photography?
  • Maybe you're just interested in becoming an expert in an area? e.g. Dog training? Life coach? Cooking?

There are no shortage of niches, and none of them will ever become too "saturated" for a newly-perceived expert to add value.

When you follow this advice, you'll never have a problem with motivation, creativity or confidence ever again.

So are you in the wrong niche?

Or do you meet the above 5 criteria?

Follow this simple exercise now, as it could change your life forever.

Have a great weekend!
- James Francis.

Best Subscribers Ever

I Have The Best Subscribers Ever! (Survey Results)

A few days ago, I sent my loyal subscribers and customers a short survey to tell me exactly what kind of content you’d like me to create for you.

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How To Connect With Your Audience

How To Connect With Your Market

Many new marketers start out their online journey by focusing on a product to promote, then finding the customers who want to buy it.

However, doing this is actually the opposite of what you should be doing, and always causes a massive “disconnect” between you and your audience – meaning your results are virtually non-existant.

The methods to fix it are revealed in the video tutorial below…


Talk soon!
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Tell Me What You Need!

Tell Me What You Need!


How To Find Profitable Affiliate Products To Promote

When you're looking for a product to promote as an affiliate, you need to choose a product which will actually make you money if you promote it.

In other words, just because a product looks good, it doesn't mean it'll sell well - and thus make you money.

But how do you know whether it'll sell well or not?

It all comes down to a few important factors, which I've unveiled in this video tutorial below for you.

It's a direct "copy and paste" of a step-by-step video tutorial taken from inside my upcoming coaching program - the "Online Income Masterclass", so you can be sure it's 100% high quality content designed to help you out...



- James Francis

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Innovation Sucks!

Although this is a pretty strong statement, it's something which has been plaguing me for a while now (and it needs to be said)...

One of the biggest reasons for people fail to make ANY money when they're getting started online is the apparent need to constantly be innovative.

Now don't get me wrong - not ALL innovation sucks.

After all, that's how we discover new profitable strategies in our industry - heck, and even how we evolve as a species.

I mean, the 3D Television only appeared due to us previously having a "standard" Television.

The Apple iPod only appeared due to the earlier MP3 players.

Fast food only appeared due us to having "slow" food.

... And you get the picture.

But if you look closely at these examples (and many others you can probably think of), all of these innovations came from big corporations who can actually afford to be innovative.

They often create "me too" products to establish themselves in the market, then they innovate when they can afford to lose a little money if their idea goes down the toilet (instead of going bankrupt).

And when you're just starting out with your online business, money to use in your business is usually always scarce (believe me, I've been there!)

So with all this being said, you'd think it'd be pretty obvious for new business owners to follow what works when money is low, right?

Well instead of following a step-by-step blueprint provided for them, I've had previous students who have totally disregarded what has been proven to work, and created their own variation of the strategy which is totally different to what I gave them in the first place.

... Then they emailed me asking why it didn't work for them.

Obviously this is NOT the thing to do if you want to become successful quickly.

Instead, for the starting phases of your online business, you always need to follow what has already been proven to work.

After all, if it's worked for hundreds of other people, it'll work for you too (if you stick at it).

So if you're trying out something "new" or "innovative" right now for your first online venture and have achieved little success so far - I strongly recommend you grind it to a halt and move on.

(You can always come back to it in the future)

In your online business, there will always be multiple choices you can make, or "paths" you can take.

The key isn't trying out all of them to see which works the best (until you're earning 6 figures per year, anyway)...

The key is taking the path which has proven to work time and time again, and following it to the tee.

Don't change anything, don't put your own spin on it, don't re-invent the wheel.

Just stick to the original proven plan until it works.

It's not fun, it's not sexy - but following what works always makes you a ton of money and literally changes your life forever.

And as soon as you hit 6-figures of income (and you will, if you follow what works and repeat the process over and over), THEN it's time to be innovative, as you now have the resources, experience, tools and capital available to start testing new things to become the (or one of the) market leader(s).

If you do this, I can guarantee you'll be successful before you know it.

Talk soon!
- James Francis.

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