Should You Be Marketing During This Time?

Out Of Office

Over the last few weeks I've been receiving a lot of questions from our customers and clients asking if they should still be marketing and running their online business during this difficult time. I talked about this on last week's live coaching call in our Zero To $10k Coaching Program, but I feel that everyone

Here's How Much I Earned From A Self-Published Best-Selling Book

How Much Money Did I Earn From A Self-Published Best-Selling Book?

I recently self-published my own book, which later became a best seller in the category of "e-commerce".

In this video, I'm going to show you exactly how much money my book earned and some tips for earning the most money possible when self-publishing your own book.

Experiment Results: Professional VS Amateur (Which Won?)

Experiment Results: Professional VS Amateur (Which Won?)

So I recently wrote an ad for my new book Ignition. It was all written text, and an amateur-looking image.

In it, I outlined a 3-step exercise to help people discover their perfect niche for their online business.

It was working pretty well, acquiring new customers at break even on the first run-through of testing. However, I wondered if turning this tutorial-like post into an entertaining video would work better.

So I came up with a video.

But which worked better?

The Great Social Media Armageddon

The Great Social Media Armageddon

So yesterday you'll probably know that Facebook, Instagram and some other social media sites were having problems most of the day.

Pages weren't loading. Replies weren't posting. Ads weren't showing.

For the average marketer, this was a hell hole which had a massive impact on their bottom line.

But for smart marketers like those in the Digital Prosperity community, this didn't really affect us too much at all.

Here's why...

The 5 Things To Say To Create An Irresistible Offer

Struggling to make sales of digital products, online courses or services? Here's a free video tutorial which reveals the 5 things to say to create an irresistible offer, so you can finally make a profit online... 5 Steps To Build A Profitable Online BusinessStruggling to make sales of digital products, online courses or services? Here's

The 9.72% Front-End Offer Conversion Rate Trick

The 9.72% Conversion Rate Trick

Right now we're getting a 9.72% conversion rate for the paid offer at the very beginning of our sales funnel.

In other words, 9.72% of cold prospects become customers, having never heard of us before.

(That's pretty good, considering the average conversion rate is around 1-2% for a $27 offer!)

Here's the one trick we're using to get these results, along with some proof of these wild claims too...

7 Things I've Learned From Launching 11 New Websites In 10 Different Niches

7 Things I've Learned From Launching 11 New Websites In 10 Different Niches

Just lately, I've been working personally with 11 committed entrepreneurs to create and launch their new online venture to the world. Each website was in a different niche, apart from two clients who shared the same niche (but focused on different aspects of that same niche). So far the revenue has reached $1,412.57 per day