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Case Study: Zero To $14,400 In Sales In One Week

"I have converted 9 sales in the last 5 days, and that has generated a profit of $14,400 for us"

Previously Foti & Amelia were trying to figure everything out for themselves...

They were limping along making a few sales here and there, but didn't have a dependable system to generate a consistent stream of income in their online business.

It got to a point where they turned their ads off because it just wasn't working.

After going through a bunch more trial and error - trying things for themselves and not seeing the results they wanted - they decided to do something about it and joined our Inner Circle coaching program.

Just one week later, they generated $14,400 in profit.

Here's their story and their biggest "aha!" moments from their journey...

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- James Francis.
Founder & CEO, Digital Prosperity.

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