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Business Or A Hobby?

Over the years, I’ve had many “aha!” moments, turning points and truly life-changing events in my online career.

Although, one of the biggest turning points which instantly grew my business at a rapid rate was actually treating it like a business.

Let’s backtrack for a few minutes…

People are attracted to having an online presence for many reasons.

They often want to make a better life for themselves and their family, be able to work from home, become a millionaire, or even just make a bit of extra cash on the side.

But all too often, people who haven’t made any money online yet see this as just an “Internet thing”, and don’t take it seriously.

… And there’s exactly where their problem lies.

They haven’t made any money online yet because they don’t treat it seriously.

They often have no plan, no strategy and no real idea how to go about this.

Sure, they may have courses or guides stored on their computer – but never really take action on it, because it’s “not for them” (despite never sticking at it long enough (or at all) to see results).

Therefore they jump from one idea to another, looking for the money to come their way.

Eventually a small percentage of these people actually realize that money never just “appears” to them – it actually has to be chased consistently by someone with the determination to make this work, whatever it takes.

So now let’s make this about YOU…

If zero thought is given to actually making money from your efforts – you’re purely engaged in an interest, a hobby.

After all, according to Wikipedia, a business is…

“an organization engaged in the trade of goods, services, or both to consumers. Businesses are predominant in capitalist economies, where most of them are privately owned and administered to earn profit to increase the wealth of their owners.

… So in short, if you’re not earning any money from this – you don’t have a business. You have a hobby.

But now is your time to change that…

If you’re even half serious about creating an online presence to make money, you must change your thinking and view your new venture as a business.

If you treat this like a hobby, you’ll earn a hobby income. If you treat this like a business, you’ll earn a business’s income.

In other words, if you don’t have the time – make time.

If you don’t currently invest in your business and only go for free products or services (despite them being free for a reason) – invest in your business.

If you don’t know how to do something – research and learn how to do it, or better still, find someone who does.

There are really no excuses.

Before I saw my online presence as a real business, my income was rock bottom.

But as soon as I realized it actually WAS a business (after all – selling products to customers IS a business), it was as if I “flipped a switch” inside me, and had instant regret for wasting all my time on unimportant tasks previously.

Don’t “wait until next week”.

Don’t “wait to build your personal branding”.

Don’t let anything – or anyone – stop you.

So put on your business hat, change your attitude, invest in your business, and instead of flailing in the dark, actually create a business plan and strategy (or
find an existing one), and follow it to the tee.

After all, that’s the quickest way to get results.

Talk soon!
- James Francis.

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