Price VS Value

Price VS Value - Should You Give Away Your Best Stuff For Cheap?

If you've ever been guilty of withholding "the good stuff" from people in your content, watch this quick tutorial to skyrocket your sales...

I Just Deleted 22,088 Subscribers From My Email List!

I Just Deleted 26,088 Subscribers From My Email List!

Yep! I just deleted 26,088 subscribers from my email list, live on camera.

Here's why it's actually a GOOD thing and why I did it...

I Bought A Lamborghini Huracan

I Bought A Lamborghini!

After reinvesting my profits back into my business for the last few years, I felt it was time to treat myself...

So here's a video showing me collecting my new Lamborghini Huracán...

How I Record My Videos (Behind The Scenes!)

How I Record My Videos (Behind The Scenes!)

After recording a brand new video series, I thought it'd be a great idea to show you a "behind the scenes" explanation of how I record our face-to-camera videos.

You'll see the equipment we use, how to record audio with good quality (even in a room with an echo), how to position the lighting, and everything in-between.

So here it is...

Which Facebook Ads Campaign Objective To Use (Traffic Tuesdays, Episode 15)

There are currently 11 different campaign objectives to choose from when creating a brand new Facebook Ads campaign, and it's quite frankly a minefield for a beginner.

Choose the wrong one, and you'll end up with terrible results. But choose the right one, and you'll see better results than ever before.

Here's a quick tutorial about which objective you should choose and why, so you can get the best results possible from your traffic generation...

Traffic Trends For 2018

Top 3 Traffic Trends For 2018 (Traffic Tuesdays, Episode 14)

Happy new year!

In this episode, I'm going to show you the top 3 traffic trends to take advantage of in 2018...

Solo Ad Secrets

Solo Ad Secrets (Traffic Tuesdays, Episode 13)

Happy holidays! I hope you and your family are having a great holiday season so far 😀

In this festive episode, I'm going to show you a simple traffic strategy that allows you to ethically steal traffic from your successful competitors' email lists. Enjoy!

Do This When Your Ad Costs Increase

Do This When Your Ad Costs Increase (Traffic Tuesdays, Episode 12)

Ever had your ad costs increase over time? It's completely normal!

Here's how to fix it to bring them right back down again...

Understanding Sales Attribution In Your Facebook Ads Stats

Understanding Sales Attribution In Your Facebook Ads Statistics (Traffic Tuesdays, Episode 11)

Ever wondered why you're making sales but they aren't showing up in your Facebook Ads stats? They're probably hiding somewhere else in your statistics.

This quick video will show you where...

One Quick Squeeze Page Addition Which Increases Sales (Traffic Tuesdays, Episode 10)

Getting a lot of opt-ins/subscribers but no sales? You're probably missing this one simple addition to your squeeze page which nearly always increases sales AFTER people opt-in...