IGNITE: Episode Six - Cancun, Mexico

IGNITE: Episode Six - Cancun, Mexico

In this episode, we visit the beautiful Cancun, Mexico and enjoy some down time on the white sandy beaches. We also visit a secluded island paradise, and later, promote the book to my audience for the very first time!

See it all in today's episode!

IGNITE: Episode Five - Denver, CO, USA

IGNITE: Episode Five - Denver, CO, USA

In this episode, we receive a physical copy of the book for the very first time, but there's something wrong with them... Plus we climb a mountain with family and visit a few fascinating museums.

See it all in today's episode!

IGNITE: Episode Four - London, UK - Part Two

IGNITE: Episode Four - United Kingdom - Part Two

In this action-packed episode, my customer service specialist and I attend a Supercar Driver Secret Meet with hundreds of supercars, then reveal the exact grocery store I used to work in before I started my online venture.

Immerse yourself in the action in today's episode!

IGNITE: Episode Three - London, UK - Part One

IGNITE: Episode Three - United Kingdom - Part One

In this episode, we arrive in London, pick up my car and drive to an area of outstanding natural beauty in the north of England. I also submit the revised version of the book, but will it actually go through successfully this time?

Find out in today's episode!

Ignite Documentary - Episode Two - Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

IGNITE: Episode Two - Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

In this episode, we upload the finished book manuscript to the publisher, only for things to go horribly wrong...

IGNITE - Episode One

IGNITE: Episode One - Miami, FL, USA

People always ask me...

"James, what is it like to have that online business lifestyle that everyone talks about?"

Well instead of me just telling you about it, I thought I'd show you in this web documentary.

You'll be following along with my girlfriend and I's vacation around the world, and at the same time, I'll be launching an international best-selling book.

So is it really possible to see success while having fun? Let's find out!

Here's episode one...


I'm In A Web Documentary! (TRAILER)

After finishing my book Ignition, I was faced with a problem...

I had a 3 week vacation coming up, but I wanted to launch the book and make it a best seller.

Could I really do both at the same time while still having fun?

Here's the trailer for the upcoming web documentary where you'll find out...

How Much Money Did I Earn From A Self-Published Best-Selling Book?

Here's How Much I Earned From A Self-Published Best-Selling Book

I recently self-published my own book, which later became a best seller in the category of "e-commerce".

In this video, I'm going to show you exactly how much money my book earned and some tips for earning the most money possible when self-publishing your own book.

Experiment Results: Professional VS Amateur (Which Won?)

Experiment Results: Professional VS Amateur (Which Won?)

So I recently wrote an ad for my new book Ignition. It was all written text, and an amateur-looking image.

In it, I outlined a 3-step exercise to help people discover their perfect niche for their online business.

It was working pretty well, acquiring new customers at break even on the first run-through of testing. However, I wondered if turning this tutorial-like post into an entertaining video would work better.

So I came up with a video.

But which worked better?

The Great Social Media Armageddon

The Great Social Media Armageddon

So yesterday you'll probably know that Facebook, Instagram and some other social media sites were having problems most of the day.

Pages weren't loading. Replies weren't posting. Ads weren't showing.

For the average marketer, this was a hell hole which had a massive impact on their bottom line.

But for smart marketers like those in the Digital Prosperity community, this didn't really affect us too much at all.

Here's why...